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Unnatural Links Penalty: A Beginner’s Guide

About a year ago, Google announced an update to its algorithm that resulted in major changes to how search results are ranked. The most notable change was the addition of an algorithm called the “unnatural links penalty”. This update aims to penalize websites for having too many unnatural links pointing to them. If you want

Link Building Pricing: What Does It Cost?

The cost of link building is a hot topic in the SEO community. Companies spend millions on link building, but they’re getting for their money. In this post, we’ll go over some of the most common questions about link building pricing and explain how it affects your effort for website traffic. The Cost Of Linking

Common Link Posting Scams and How to Avoid them

The world, and in turn, the internet is filled to the brim with scams and cons. From financial frauds to network hacks, there are plenty of things to watch out for. The aisle of the link building is no different. After coming across multiple scams and phishes, I too have learned my share of caution.

The Ultimate Guide to Agency Link Building

While it can be perfectly fine for online business owners to try and replicate the success of their competition, it goes without saying that it can take a lot of effort and time for that pitch-perfect link-building to get you the top spot on Google. If you are a new business owner, now maybe is

Why paying for backlinks is a bad idea

There’s a reason why Google came out with the “Penguin” update in 2012 – to penalize websites that were engaging in black-hat SEO tactics, like paying for backlinks. And yet, people are still doing it… because it works, at least temporarily. If you’re like most SEOs, you’ve heard that buying backlinks is a bad idea.

How to use forums links to improve your online visibility

Forums can be a great place to generate links for your website. Not only do they provide you with an opportunity to create relevant, high-quality links, but they can also help improve your online visibility. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can use forums to boost your website’s search engine rankings. we’ll discuss

Gambling links in 2023: The complete guide

Gone are the days of traditional brick-and-mortar gambling houses. Online betting and gambling is the new trendsetter for the new generation. With plenty of online gambling businesses popping up every day, many are looking to leverage gambling links to supplement their link-building and in turn, SEO efforts. To get your gambling business to outshine the

What is Link Farming and Why it’s a Red Flag

Link farming is the process of creating a link farm. So, what’s a link farm? It is a group of websites or a single site that solely exists for creating links to other websites. Link farms will fool you, especially the newbie link builders. These may appear to have high domain ratings and produce valuable