How to Buy High PR Links for Effective Link Building?


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PR or Page Rank is one key metric developed by Google to determine who ranks where in SERPs. People used to go crazy over Page Rank back in the day when Google used to keep the Page Rank public. However, since people kept exploiting the algorithm and manipulating the scores in their favor, Google later decided to stop publishing page ranks. 

Although several other SEO techniques have emerged, page rank remains a very important factor. Getting high PR links for your online business can help you in a multitude of ways and that is why several online businesses are considering buying high PR links. These high PR backlinks are invaluable when it comes to your link-building efforts. Let us understand how.

What is a high PR link?

When your website is backlinked from a high page rank domain, the link you receive is a high PR link. Although backlinks are considered gold for SEO, high PR backlinks are twice as valuable. This is due to the fact that these high PR links add to your own page rank and thus improving online credibility and authority.

How to check page rank?

As mentioned, Google does not publish page ranks and there is no official tool from Google to do this. However, there are plenty of online tools on the internet that can help you get the approximate page rank of any website.

Does link building actually work? Check the real truth:

How to get high PR links?

While getting high PR links can be quite fruitful for your link-building efforts, acquiring such links can be quite tricky. Here are some ways that can help you to get high PR links.

– Buy high PR links

This is the easiest way of getting high PR backlinks. If you buy high PR links from reputable sources, you can be sure you are getting the best. Also, when you buy high PR links, it takes a lot of hassle out of your link-building efforts and you can be sure to see some impressive results.

Such agencies have a very deep tie with the industry and boast of a huge portfolio of high PR websites from which they source backlinks. However, do keep in mind to always buy high PR links from agencies that stick with white hat link-building practices as there are plenty of link-building scams to watch out for.

We recommend you buy high PR links from reputable sources to give a healthy boost to your SEO.

– Guest posts

If you are not willing to buy high PR links, guest posts are also a great way to get high PR links. This is a tried and tested method well suited to gather any type of backlinks. The first step is to list out high PR websites in your domain that offer guest post opportunities. Now, check the page rank for each of these platforms using any free online tool. List out the ones with high page ranks and reach out to them to publish your content on their platform.

Make sure that your content is unique and is able to provide value to the readers, otherwise, guest posting platforms might not accept your submission.

– Create valuable content

Create data-driven content that provides deep insights into the topic in question. Use credible sources and proper research to craft your content so that other websites would be willing to refer to it. 

Create charts, graphs, infographics, and much more to give a comprehensive illustration of the subject to ensure the content becomes a credible data source for high PR websites. After all, it is the content that is going to earn you views and traffic.

– Look for product roundups

Another great alternative to get high PR links without buying high PR links is getting your product or service listed on a review or round-up content. Look for similar list-based content where products or services are ranked. For example, if your brand is dealing with SEO solutions, getting featured on a list of the best SEO tools can be a great boost to your online reputation and online traffic.

Want to get high-quality backlinks, here’s how:

As with all backlinks, getting high PR links can also be quite difficult if not done right. While you can buy high PR links, there are plenty of other ways to earn high PR links and improve DA, though it will need some work on your part. Follow the methods mentioned above and see which one works the best for your business. You can mix and match to get the best results or simply buy high PR links from credible sources.

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Julian Goldie

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Get free, instant access to our SEO video course, 120 SEO Tips, ChatGPT SEO Course, 999+ make money online ideas and get a 30 minute SEO consultation!

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