The Significance of Custom Link Building


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Solid link building is the backbone of a solid SEO. Google and other search engines place a high premium on custom link building when crawling websites on their SERP. This has become a vanguard in forging alliances and relations in the digital marketplace.

This post is aimed at helping you understand the basics of custom link building and its importance for your online business.

What is Custom Link Building?

In simple words, link building refers to the accumulation of referential hyperlinks from and to relevant sources to your online content. This is one of the most crucial factors that determine where your business appears on SERPs. With custom link building, online businesses gain more credibility and in turn score a ton of organic online traffic.

There are three main types of links when you are considering custom link building for your online business. These include

  • Internal links: These are hyperlinks on your web pages that link to other internal pages of your website. These are generally navigational links that help the users explore your website. This helps to deepen customer engagement time and reduces bounce-back rates.

  • External links: These hyperlinks on your web pages link to external websites on the internet. There are many reasons to do this. The first reason is link exchange. When you are linking to a website, chances are they will also return the favor by linking back. External links are also helpful for custom link building when you need to point your users to credible sources to substantiate your data.

  • Backlinks: This is perhaps the most important type of hyperlink for custom link building. Backlinks are hyperlinks to your online business that originate from other websites. If you are able to associate with sites with high online footfall, chances are you should be able to redirect some of them to your website. Plus, SEO’s high requirement for credible backlinks makes it a valuable resource for your custom link-building efforts.

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Now that you are clear with the basics of custom link building, you should be aware of the perks associated with proper link building for your online business. So, let’s understand the significance of custom link building.

Advantages of custom link building

– Great promotion tool:

Custom link building is a great promotion tool. When you are creating the right content that is unique, other businesses will definitely have to link back to your source. This earns you a credible backlink. The goal of your link-building efforts is to get more and more people talking about you. And when online businesses are linking back to your website, you are getting free promotions in front of their users. When their users click on the backlink, they are redirected to your website and the potential for converting them into customers also increases. You do not need a sales pitch for these redirects. It is potentially free online traffic for you.

– Establish brand trust:

Gaining the trust of your customers is key if you want to flourish and scale your online business. And trust is something that can translate into potential sales. When other established businesses are linking back to your website, chances are their high online traffic will learn to trust you. How many times did you buy that swanky $50 vegetable peeler, just because your favorite TikToker told you to? The same is the case when other businesses are talking about you.

– Rank higher on SERPs:

Are you aware of how much traffic you are losing out on, just because you are appearing second on the SERP? No one remembers who came in second. It is either the first spot or you are lost. Custom link building can be a wonderful tool that can help you to rank higher on search engines. Search engines value link building a lot and with custom link building, you stand the chance of enhancing your domain authority. The more backlinks you are able to accumulate for your website, the more credible it looks to search engines.

– Build ties:

If an online article mentions your business and links back to it, the link will be earned as long as the article is there. In turn, you can also link back to other content. This helps to build relations and ties with others in the industry. By carefully auditing the backlinks and external links on your site, you will be building a strong link base that is sure to stay. If you choose irrelevant or spammy links, chances are your efforts will go adrift in a very short amount of time. Choose to work with industry leaders that are very active to push your brand to their audience with custom link-building. Not only will this help you score a ton of targeted customers but it will also enhance your DA, which in turn, enhances your SERP standings.

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The world of custom link building is vast and getting to the bottom of the iceberg seems quite difficult. While SEO ranking factors are changing frequently, the basics behind custom link building are here to stay. Therefore, if you want your business to stay relevant and visible in the online space, diverting focus on custom link building is essential, now that you know the benefits it comes bundled with.

Julian Goldie

Julian Goldie

Hey, I'm Julian Goldie! I'm an SEO link builder and founder of Goldie Agency. My mission is to help website owners like you grow your business with SEO!


Get free, instant access to our SEO video course, 120 SEO Tips, ChatGPT SEO Course, 999+ make money online ideas and get a 30 minute SEO consultation!

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