Does Link Building Still Work For SEO 2023


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However, to improve your online visibility, drive more web traffic and position your website at the top of search engine results you need backlink building. 

Simply, backlink building is helpful if you want to raise your website’s authority in the eyes of search engine juggernauts like Google.

Additionally, links help search engines find new content and are also used as a criterion for the value of the content.

How does that work then?

Google views a high-quality contextual backlink as a recommendation that attests to the value of the content. Given this, it comes as no surprise that link building is still one of the most important factors in search engine rankings.

Link building is one of those situations where a targeted strategy often helps.

Yes, regardless of your experience level, link building requires a clear strategy in order to be effective. Otherwise, your link-building efforts might be a complete failure.

Don’t worry! It isn’t difficult to get the hard nut to turn once you understand the what, why, how, dos, and don’ts of link building.

Here is some expert advice from the best backlink building agency that will help you boost your SEO performance.

Link Building for Beginners

Backlink Building And SEO: The Importance

Well, link building is one of the most effective strategies for convincing high-authority, niche-specific websites to endorse your website.

Therefore, as soon as you gain backlinks, you will get a strong and instructive backlink profile. Depending on how strong of a link profile you build, you may win Google’s algorithm over and your website may rank higher.

Despite all the rumors, link building is an important component of SEO website optimization that you cannot ignore.

Warning: This statement contains a spoiler. A healthy link profile takes time to develop. Although link building requires time, it is always worthwhile.

Basically, when you make targeted, sincere efforts to build links, they pay off with durable outcomes. 

Links are fundamental to how Google search functions. The brilliant idea behind PageRank was by the company’s founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Google uses the PageRank algorithm to find new pages and rank them according to quality indicators. This indicates that backlinks are one of the top-ranking factors in Google’s core algorithm. Therefore, ignoring them could halt a website’s development.

The Old School Backlink Building Model

Companies started looking for ways to take advantage of the system as soon as they realized the value of backlinks for boosting search rankings in the early 2000s. We call these techniques now “black hat” link building:

  • Buying Link: The practice of working with a blog network, link farm, or text link broker to purchase packages of backlinks in exchange for a monthly rental fee.
  • Trading Link: Agreeing to link to each other’s websites, frequently without regard to the relevance of the content.
  • Baiting Link: The use of a variety of artificial methods, such as fabricating awards to place a linked award logo on as many “winner” websites as possible, or creating phony scholarships with the express intent of selling them to college web administrators.

There was elimination of these strategies in 2012 with the Google Penguin algorithm update, which also eliminated numerous SEO firms and well-known websites. Some of those agencies shifted their attention to white hat strategies, like creating original content, but others kept trying to sneak links into websites while Google wasn’t looking. These techniques make up “grey hat” link building, which is now widely accepted. Furthermore, it includes guest posting and press releases.

Backlink Building In 2023

An investment in original, high-quality content is required if one wants to use SEO to gain a competitive edge. These information-rich content types include the following:

Quantitative reports: an overview by backlink building agency

Customized research, statistical compilations, and data analysis are included in quantitative reports. It’s not as difficult as it looks. The majority of businesses have access to fascinating internal data that, when anonymized and sliced up in fascinating ways, provides valuable material for researchers, writers, and bloggers.

Creatively organized articles

Articles that have been imaginatively organized and present information in a fresh, eye-catching way. Here, infographics come to mind, but users may find them to be overwhelming. Comparative tables, fascinating graphs, and data visualizations are additional options.

Distilled expertise pieces

Experts simplify pieces covering complex subjects. If you can find a true expert who is also a skilled communicator to create this kind of content, you’ll probably get a reward with significant links, social shares, and thought leadership credibility.

A page that employs one of the aforementioned techniques is a great link magnet because it offers readers genuine value, which is completely compatible with Google’s commercial objectives. These kinds of pieces have the additional benefit of gaining the trust of website visitors, which raises your conversion rate.

Moreover, distribution is necessary for quality content. Google will promote pages with a Domain Rating of 25+ in their search results. So those websites automatically receive Google-approved content distribution. Alternatively, you can achieve manual distribution by hiring a digital PR firm.

The first technique only calls for an effective editorial process for your content marketing, in which the title of each article contains a carefully chosen keyword. Secondly, conduct an interview with and hire a public relations company, whose task is to approach journalists who cover your industry and persuade them to include a link to your website in their articles. Of course, results depend on the expertise and connections of the PR firm, and the best firms are quite expensive. Therefore, for many businesses, content marketing is a better choice. 

Wrapping Up

Backlink building is a continuous process, so you can never anticipate hitting a brick wall. Although it may appear to require more work than any other SEO strategy, the payoff is substantial and long-lasting.

When you are successful in building links, a lot of organic traffic will already be coming to your site. Then, you might not have to exert as much effort as you did at first. You don’t have to start over every time, after all. Moreover, all you have to do is keep your website up to par, include user-friendly content, and keep a close eye on changes to search engine algorithms.
Additionally, hiring an expert backlink building agency will help you in a better way. With this, you will feel relaxing and will be able to focus on other business operations. The agency will take of the SEO by itself.

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