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In SEO, link building is crucial. The majority opinion is that links account for more than 50% of your SEO success. This area, along with eCommerce Architecture and Technical SEO, is the third most significant pillar in the industry.

Additionally, you must take the authority of the website linking to your content into consideration when developing a link-building strategy.

Additional characteristics of links that are significant include:

  • Link origin and link target
  • Anchor text
  • Nofollow attribute

Moreover, while running an eCommerce business, it is important to boost SEO efforts for better results. But how?

This blog by the top eCommerce link building agency in Southampton will clarify your queries. 

Let’s begin.

SEO Backlinks

The Importance Of Link Building For Ecommerce Business

Since link building is a key ranking factor in Google’s SEO algorithm, it is essential to the success of an e-commerce business. Sales for online businesses are solely dependent on website traffic, especially if it covers drop shipping.

Organic search traffic is the best type of traffic for e-commerce. This is due to the fact that these users are already ready to make purchases.

Think of buyers who are so desperate to buy protein powder right away that they are literally searching the internet for “protein powder for sale”! Being the top result for keywords related to buyers, such as “protein powder for sale,” drives these customers straight to your website and into your shopping cart.

Furthermore, there are only two ways through which you can access traffic from Google:

  • Google Adwords
  • SEO

However, SEO is important because it utilizes Google’s algorithm by making on-and-off-page changes to an e-commerce website. Ultimately, with this, the eCommerce website ranks higher on Google.

The Best Practices To Earn Links To Your Ecommerce Website

For manual personalized email outreach to generate links, you can follow a step-by-step procedure. Additionally, focusing on the connections in your network is the ideal way to launch a link-building campaign for an online store. The eCommerce link building agency calls this link-building tactic vendor links.

Vendor links

There are numerous moving parts in an e-commerce company, including payment processing, logistics, marketing, sales, and more.

This indicates that e-commerce businesses collaborate with other organizations to run more effectively, and they can take advantage of these collaborations to build links.

Additionally, the website platform is just the beginning of the vendors to which you can provide reviews in exchange for backlinks. Reach out to every business that your e-commerce operation has ever worked with and present them with the same value exchange.

Unlinked brand mentions

The brand is important in the e-commerce industry because you are selling a product. It is frequently a piece of clothing or accessories.

It’s possible that your business has invested a significant amount of time while collaborating with the media in growing its social media presence. As a result, there are numerous unlinked mentions of your business from news sources, bloggers, affiliate marketers, and other companies all over the internet.

You can ask the webmasters and editors of these websites to include your link while upping the ante by offering to share their most recent work on your social media.

For webmasters, going back and making changes to an old page can take time. Offer to share their most recent work on your social media platforms to make the deal more appealing for both parties.

Niche-based links

When we ask companies that sell weights for a link, they have an e-commerce business that sells supplements. This is an example of a niche-based link.

What we need is a link from your relevant company but not a direct rival.

Some might contend that niche-based links extend to link partners. However, data demonstrates that when done correctly, reciprocal linking, or exchanging links, has a positive impact on rankings. Additionally, it doesn’t put your website at risk of getting a penalty.

Customer surveys

E-commerce companies frequently conduct customer surveys to learn more about the preferences, needs, dislikes, and needs of their clients.

We are well aware of the significant value that customer surveys have for businesses. E-commerce companies can use surveys to remove underperforming products, add products that are in high demand, close the margin gap, and keep supplying their customers’ needs.

However, from the perspective of online marketing, customer survey data can be greatly tapped. Customer survey data makes excellent linkable assets or content pieces that intend to fill a need, add value, or make a point for another website in exchange for a link.

Make donation

Organizations frequently acknowledge your contributions. Check your donations to see if they include a list of donors with links. If they do, make sure you also receive a listing.

Open Source software is widely used in the software development industry. Always choose to give a small donation to express your appreciation and gain a link in the process.

Ego bating

Ego baiting is a technique for link building that involves including other people in your content.

The companies and individuals featured in your content will frequently help you promote it. This is because you are mentioning them in it, which is a benefit of this strategy.

However, the popular ways to do this is through:

  • Expert roundups
  • Interviews

Be controversial

In a highly competitive environment, playing it safe won’t get you very far. Being controversial can help you stand out and surpass your rivals.

Think of topics that are relevant to your business that will interest readers in reading your content.

Final Thoughts

Many eCommerce website owners have difficulty building links. Because links are so important to SEO success, this restricts their ability to achieve it.

Therefore, don’t fall into the trap of believing link building is impossible. Not at all, you can also create links. Moreover, you can start right away by utilizing the above link-building strategies. 
Else, you can hire the best link building agency in Southampton. Wondering which is the best one? Well, your search query ends here at Goldie Agency. We are the best and most prestigious eCommerce link building agency offering cost-effective solutions. Contact us for assistance.

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