Gambling links in 2023: The complete guide


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Gone are the days of traditional brick-and-mortar gambling houses. Online betting and gambling is the new trendsetter for the new generation. With plenty of online gambling businesses popping up every day, many are looking to leverage gambling links to supplement their link-building and in turn, SEO efforts.

To get your gambling business to outshine the competition, we have compiled the ultimate guide to gambling links in 2023. Ensure to read till the very end so that you too can scale up your gambling business to a new level and grab hold of that oh-so-wonderful online traffic.

How to get quality gambling links?

Below is a list of some of the most excellent methods to earn good-quality gambling links this year:

Paid gambling links:

Paid gambling links are one of the easiest ways of scoring quality backlinks for your online casino. Users need to pay to get their links on third-party websites with tons of relevant traffic. Paid gambling links are generally bought through bidding. Therefore, be prepared to spend some cash to book a spot on these platforms.

Luckily, gambling links are often quite cheap, therefore, setting up backlinks for your online casino should not come with a high financial burden.

Exchanging links:

To try out this excellent gambling link-building strategy at least two or three businesses must agree to exchange links with each other. This ensures that all the platforms connected through this are able to leverage each other’s traffic which is a win-win situation for all the parties involved. The main goal of this method of exchanging gambling links is to score some wonderful organic traffic and increase the level of trust among the users.

If one of your favorite sites recommends something, chances are you will be willing to bet there. One of the best-known examples of exchanging gambling links is and These two platforms function as each other’s affiliates which helps both of these platforms gain real users through mutual collaboration.

PR campaigns:

If you are looking for high-authority gambling links, press releases are a great tool for you. Using this method, you should be able to get large and medium media houses to link back to your casino website. Many media outlets charge some type of fee to get your name on their pages which makes it another sure-shot way of earning credible backlinks, provided you are willing to splurge some cash their way.

This is a great tool if your online casino business is just starting out when it can be quite difficult to score backlinks for your link-building efforts. A simply paid backlink boost is quite useful in such cases.

Looking to buy backlinks? Don’t spend a dime without watching this:

Leverage shoulder niches:

Who says good authority gambling links should come only from gambling platforms? This method of link building involves getting backlinks from niches that are quite similar to yours. For instance, casino platforms can leverage shoulder niches like gaming, entertainment, sports, and much more to earn gambling links.

From paid features and social mentions to guest posts, there are several ways that can help you gather high-quality gambling links from your shoulder niches.

Private Blog networks:

This is a bit risky endeavor so I saved it for last. If not done properly, this can be disastrous for your SEO. Private blog networks are a network of websites whose sole purpose is to pass authority and build links for another website. Though considered one of the most effective methods of link building, it is critical that it is done right to maximize the results of your efforts.

Why get Gambling Links?

Now that we are clear on how to get gambling links, let us explore the several perks associated with proper link building for your online casino business.


One of the most important reasons to get gambling links is for publicity. Gambling websites rely on heavy traffic and deposits to make profits and give out rewards. Though this can take a bit of time and effort with gambling links, it can tremendously enhance your brand value for your customers.

Generate traffic:

Similar to any other niche, backlinks help you to redirect relevant traffic to your platform. This helps you to boost your organic rankings and appear first for your users. When done right, you should definitely see a spike in your online traffic.

Looking to get some easy backlinks fast? Check this out:

So, there you have it. These are some of the best methods to get your hands on some excellent gambling backlinks for your online business. While some may work for others, others might work for you. Mix and match and find the best ways to complement your online gambling business.

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Julian Goldie

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