• Make it 2,500+ words
  • Cover everything someone would want to know about that topic
  • Include plenty of pictures to make it more engaging
  • Reference your statistics/pics
  • Must be unique content
  • Add relevant internal/external links to make your content well referenced/researched
  • IMPORTANT: Don’t monetise the article – remove all banners, ads, affiliate links, pop ups, call to actions, someone purchased, live chats, product reviews, messenger bots, social media share buttons, discount codes, sales banners and any other type of promotion from this page. Webmasters prefer to link to non-commercial pages

NOTE: Webmasters don’t like linking to promotional content. They just want purely value driven content. So just for your skyscraper article, remove any elements that are promotional from that particular page. After the outreach has finished, you can always add these elements back.

Language Style:

  • Keep sentences short. 
  • Make it conversational. 
  • Avoid typos (Grammarly is a useful tool for this).
  • No paragraphs longer than 3-4 lines.
  • Every sentence must add value. No word padding just to hit the word count please.

Examples Of Successful Skyscraper Articles (for inspiration):

Please follow me on YouTube here to learn more about link building/SEO.

FAQs About Skyscraper Link Building:

Can I use my sales pages for skyscraper outreach?

Webmasters don’t like linking to commercial content. If they know you’re going to make money from the page and it doesn’t offer any value to them/their audience, they’re very unlikely to link to you.

So that’s why I recommend using the topics in your content calendar to build links to your site. 

But to rank your sales pages, use internal link building instead (see tips below).

How can the skyscraper technique help rank my sales pages?

Your skyscraper article will attract links to your site. 

Then you should link internally from your skyscraper article to the pages you want to rank, funnelling link juice/authority from your skyscraper articles to the pages you want to rank.

See my video tutorial on internal link building here: 

How many internal links should I add?

I’d recommend 3-4 internal links minimum. But if you have more to add – and they’re relevant/natural – that’s fine. 

The more relevant, useful resources you can add to your article the better.

How can you make the most of link building?

Link building grows your website’s authority, making it easier to rank your content.

But what you should also do is produce more content targeting low competition, high volume keywords. Links make it easier to rank on Google, and more content means you can rank for more keywords (as long as it’s targeted).

For tips on keyword research, please check out this free video tutorial.

Because of the time, research and tools involved, this is an additional service I offer too – see details and pricing here.