5 Best Link Builder Tool Options for Business Growth


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Link builder tool options that make your website gather more traffic, sales and ROI should have loads of powerful features and benefits. It should give you clear and solid advantage.

Frankly speaking, a link building strategy is not always manual. It works best when mixed with the different automated link builder tools. This is to power up your SEO strategy when it comes to backlinking and other related techniques.

Understanding the Best Link Builder Tool Features

There are different metrics and variables used to determine the best link builder tool for SEO. On a poll about these tools, there are five best choices on purpose.

So, here are the top 5 picks.

SEMrush Backlink Gap – This is the best for most webmasters and businesses.
Ahrefs – This is the best advanced SEO link builder tool.
HARO – This won the award of being the best in media outlet link building strategies.
BuzzStream – It is the best in link building outreach.
Netpeak Spider – It is the best in identifying broken links.

SEMrush Backlink Gap

Some of these tools both come in free and paid versions. For instance, SEMrush Backlink Gap costs $119.95 per month. Furthermore, best thing here is that you can get 17% if you pay for its annual subscription. However, you can get a SEMrush account with its free ten requests for new users. You just need to have an email address with a password to get it. After the free requests, you’ll have to pay for the subscription if you want to continue using the Backlink Gap for your website’s link building strategy.


Ahrefs is the most advanced link builder tool. It has lots of features aside from building links alone. In fact, it is an all-in-one SEO software suite that professionals will surely love. Ahrefs has a wide range of free SEO tools that provide basic reports. However, the most advanced tools and features come with premium subscriptions.

Content Explorer is the most straightforward and powerful Ahrefs link builder tool. This lets you sort and filter results based on the various SEO metrics that you could ever think of. Then, running reports for any keyword and sorting them by domains that have not been linked to your website is another Content Explorer’s amazing feature.

There is almost nothing you could ask for more with Ahrefs. Yet, his is usually hard for SEO newbies.  Overall, a starting plan of $99 per month is such a great deal if you will look at all of the benefits you can reap in the long run. Content Explorer starts at Ahrefs Standard Plan that begins at the price of $199 per month.


HARO simply means “help a reporter out.” Using this platform lets you connect to journalists with experts in various fields. This tool is unique as it provides you the opportunity to build relationships with journalists. It also gives you credibility as you publish in media outlets. Getting credible backlinks from journalists who may want to keep you as a source can either be weekly or monthly, or even for continuous periods.

Joining HARO as a source is 100% free. Its premium subscription offering more features starts at $19 per month. This is not bad if you think of such benefits as sifting to all active media opportunities online, increasing chances to get selected, adding a profile to a pitch, or even filtering media opportunities.


BuzzStream is best for link building outreach. Thus, sending personalized messages for building relationships with prospects is always a breeze with this unique software. It then improves your placement rates while letting you save your precious time. It also lets you set reminders to follow up with prospects. Thus, it makes sure you never miss any opportunity and stay relevant.

BuzzStream another valuable feature is that it lets you sort and manage outreach by campaign for greater convenience and flexibility. Plans range from $24 to $124 per month. In other words, this is indeed a great deal.

Netpeak Spider

Neatpeak Spider is best for identifying broken links. This unique tool is for scraping, technical SEO insights, and SEO crawler for site audits. It also has a broken link building feature that lets you identify broken links.

What’s interesting here is that you now use the information on broken links as part of your outreach strategy. You can then pitch your prospects for a replacement link to your site. Thus, it works best for both parties. It also keeps track of your existing backlinks to make sure they stay active. Plans start at $20.80 per month with a 14-day free trial.

What Makes up the Best Link Builder Tool

There are various factors and SEO metrics that experts use to look for the best link builder tool ever made. These factors include competitor analysis or the ability to find one’s competitors.

Another advantage is the power to scale your outreach efforts and make them nice and easy for your business. It should also have the most advanced and powerful SEO tools and analytics. This helps you get ahead and stand out among the crowd.


The top 5 picks for the best link builder tool options for your website’s scalability and profitability meets the standards of what makes up the best SEO tools ever created in the market. Yet, remember to invest wisely. Thus, you need to balance your site needs and scalability for more profits and ROI coming your way. So, why not try it now?

Julian Goldie

Julian Goldie

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Get free, instant access to our SEO video course, 120 SEO Tips, ChatGPT SEO Course, 999+ make money online ideas and get a 30 minute SEO consultation!

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