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Undoubtedly, to grow and maintain a top presence in Google SERPs, you need to do link building. But, creating a link building program internally can be painful. Also, it can be challenging in terms of funds, resources, and time, especially for new businesses operating in highly competitive industries such as SaaS businesses.

Therefore, it is preferable to hire an expert link building agency for SaaS. But how can it be beneficial? Is it worth hiring them? Well, reading this blog will help you clarify your queries.

Let’s dive into the concept.

When Is The Right Time To Outsource link building For SaaS?

For any business website, link building is crucial.

But when exactly should you think about outsourcing the job?

The key considerations listed below can assist you in deciding whether to outsource your link building efforts.

  • Hiring a professional link building agency for SaaS will help you accomplish the same goal at a reasonable cost rather than throwing money and resources at the wall to learn effective link building tactics.
  • If your team is small and you have too many tasks to complete, outsourcing makes sense.
  • Outsourcing is preferable to hiring new staff if your team is lacking SEO experts.
  • If you’re serious about using link building to increase your results, outsourcing to seasoned experts will ensure better outcomes.
  • Outsourcing the link building tasks can ensure quick results if that’s what you’re after.
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How link building Agency For SaaS Can Benefit You

Outsourcing is cost-efficient

If you choose to create this machine internally, you will require a full-time SEO Project Manager as well as a group of independent contractors. In order to reach your goal of 15 links per month, your costs will be as follows:

The price of internally developing a link building program.

The benefit of economies of scale allows an agency to reduce the costs mentioned above.

Additionally, you’ll save money by working with an agency in other ways:

  • Zero payroll taxes and mandated salary increases
  • You can write off the taxes against this expense.
  • Your digital marketing team will be able to concentrate their financial resources on other projects.

Professional link building agency for SaaS is always industry-updated

Crawlability, site structure, keywords, and backlinks are the criteria that search engines use to rank websites, according to MOZ’s article on the fundamentals of SEO.

Google’s algorithms have gotten very good at determining whether a website’s link building strategies are genuine even though the basic components haven’t changed.

This has been amply demonstrated by Google’s frequent updates that target link spam and penalize websites that use it.

Professional link building agencies for SaaS are knowledgeable about the most recent updates to Google’s algorithms and will only use tactics that the search engine accepts as legitimate.

It requires a long-term commitment

However, building a few hundred backlinks and then enjoying your increased organic reach is not sufficient for SEO success. Even if you build a few backlinks, you won’t sustain the results even if you notice an immediate improvement.

For consistent SEO success, you need a focused, long-term strategy of rinse and repeat. It can be challenging to achieve such a high level of long-term commitment with an internal team.

You can achieve sustained and long-term growth by partnering with an outsourced team. Especially considering that the outsourcing team will be able to regularly assess the development of your website and make the necessary adjustments.

Professionals know what works best for your business

When it comes to SaaS link building, the objective is to increase brand awareness in addition to link building.

Professional service providers are familiar with the best types of links for your website in terms of passing both link juice and page rank because they deal with a variety of websites and businesses.

You will be able to manage a simple and effective workforce

It’s a fact that having a large workforce causes your company to operate at a higher burn rate, which costs you money.

Startups, especially new ones, must therefore work to have a lean workforce made up only of the necessary personnel.

The majority of startups don’t need in-house SEO specialists.

Thus, outsourcing your SEO needs enables you to streamline your workforce while maximizing the return on your investment.

Agencies are always result-driven

Particularly in the last ten years, the number of SEO service providers has grown exponentially.

Therefore, in order to satisfy their current clients and attract new ones, SEO service providers must deliver results, just like any other type of business venture.

Therefore, you can be sure to get the best results by hiring a reputable and competitive link building agency to handle your business’s link building tasks.

Outsourcing helps improve your profits

By outsourcing your link building efforts, you can avoid spending money on the staff, equipment, and other requirements needed to create quality backlinks.

Instead, all you pay is a fair monthly fee for the services you use.

This ensures an increase in profits that you can use to pay for resources and labor.

Additionally, by contracting out the work, you can periodically evaluate the link building agency’s efforts and, if necessary, renegotiate the fees or hire a better team.

Provides a better SaaS SEO strategy

The search ecosystem operates differently for SaaS websites than it does for regular websites.

Therefore, by working with a skilled link building agency for SaaS, you can take advantage of their understanding of how the SaaS search ecosystem functions. Also, you can modify it to help your company.

Last But Not The Least…

Finally, we want to remind you that link building companies are contemporary marketing businesses.

Therefore, it is only normal for such service providers to promote their offerings as being extraordinary.

Never trust any link building company’s false commitments and guarantees.

Always demand evidence for any claims made.

More importantly, avoid blindly relying on any service provider based solely on the preliminary results they offer.

To ensure that you get long-lasting results, make sure to regularly assess the outcomes of their link building efforts.

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Get free, instant access to our SEO video course, 120 SEO Tips, ChatGPT SEO Course, 999+ make money online ideas and get a 30 minute SEO consultation!

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