Link Building Agency For Travel Sites: Strategies


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High-quality backlinks can increase the authority of your website and improve your position in search engine results (SERP). Is the scenario the same for travel websites? Well, this is where you need assistance from a link building agency for travel sites

What, however, are backlinks? Backlinks are incoming links that show that other websites believe in the quality of your content. It’s similar to someone endorsing the validity of your writing.

According to research, websites that appear first in Google’s first SERP have more than triple the amount of backlinks than those that appear lower.

Your website is worth ranking on SERPs if other websites link to it, which tells Google that your website has useful content. This is how creating quality backlinks works.

In this article, we’ll explain why backlinks are so crucial for search engine optimization (SEO). also, will offer advice on how to create high-quality backlinks for your website that offers tours or other activities.

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Let’s start.

Tips To Generate Quality Backlinks For Travel Sites

Well, there are a number of ways to get more backlinks. However, all of them come under three categories. These categories are:

Earn backlinks

This is how you can obtain backlinks naturally. With this strategy, your main concern should be producing high-quality content. However, this is because people will choose to link to your page after finding it through a straightforward Google search, a personal recommendation, or on social media.

Create backlinks

You must manually visit other websites and add your website’s link there in order to build backlinks. However, you can accomplish this by posting links to your website in social media posts, responding to forum questions, or submitting your link to business directories.

Build backlinks

Networking with companies that complement your own is essential for building backlinks. After making connections with these other businesses, you can ask the owners or editors to include a link to your website on their page. Moreover, for them to understand how they will profit from the arrangement as well, you must make a compelling value proposition.

Building backlinks is the most efficient method of generating backlinks out of these three categories. With this approach, you have control over the links you receive. This is because you get to pick which websites link to you.

Following are some pointers and strategies by the best link building agency for travel websites for creating high-quality backlinks:

Use HARO to contact reporters

Help A Reporter Out (HARO) connects sources with journalists looking for information for their press articles.

You can sign up as a source, choose your sector, and respond to the journalists’ questions. Therefore, you will have the chance to obtain a backlink from the journalist if they accept your pitch and use your response in their article.

Backlinks from here are of high quality, particularly if a reputable media outlet mentions you in a press release. 

Get in listicles

We’re referring to lists in the travel and tourism sector here. Articles on the “best places to visit in France” or “things to do in Rome,” for instance.

Where can I find these listicles then?

You can find listicles about tourism on the websites of individual travel bloggers or even those of the local or state governments that are promoting tourism in their region.

Send them an email or give them a call after you find these websites that publish listicles and ask them to include your company in their list along with a link to your website.

Keep the value proposition in mind. Additionally, you must emphasize how the website will profit from linking to your page for this tactic to be effective.

Create link-worthy content

Developing valuable, high-quality content for your website is the best way to gain organic backlinks. Due to the value, they add to other websites’ and publications’ content, these are the posts that other websites and publications would want to link to.

Posts about travel statistics would be among the best types of content for your website about tours or activities. However, these are articles that either emphasize providing current market data on a variety of topics.

Partner with travel publications

Companies that offer tours and activities can collaborate with travel publications and acquire backlinks to increase their visibility.

The first step is to find travel publications that cover subjects relevant to your industry and contact them about the possibility of writing a free guest post for their website. Also, you will have to give a backlink to your tour website in return.

Alternatively, you can opt for press release posts. Journalists are free to use the information you provide in these articles. This is because they intend for a general release. Local travel publications that want to receive regular updates on what’s happening in the local travel scene may find this strategy to be particularly effective.

Additionally, press release directories can publish the press release for free. Free press release distribution sites’ only drawback is their insufficient visibility. Therefore, paying for a reputable press release service is a good idea.

Find unlinked mentions

As the name implies, unlinked mentions are any online mentions of your website or brand that do not contain a link to it.

These are excellent chances to build backlinks to your website and raise its ranking.

So how do you convert the mentions that aren’t linked to backlinks? Find those mentions of your brand first, then. Thanks to the numerous tools that can complete the task in a few clicks, this procedure is simple.

Final Thoughts

Backlinks are a vital ingredient for off-page SEO and ranking on search engine results pages. Therefore, it is important to use the best backlinking strategy for your travel website. In case, you are not getting on point, you must hire the best link building agency for travel sites. This will help you improve your search ranking effectively.
Looking for the best link building agency for travel websites? Look no further than Goldie Agency. Contact us right away to get the best and most effective backlink strategy for your business.

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