Link Building Infographics: How to make and How it helps your SEO


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Owing to the fact that infographics have held the most sway over the audience than any other visual content, infographics still remain one of the best ways to earn valuable backlinks for your online business. This post is aimed at helping you understand the basics of Link Building Infographics, how to make them, and ultimately build links with them. So, ensure to read on till the very end.

Infographics: The basics

Infographics are simple graphical charts and diagrams that help the readers understand a more complex topic. From timeline and informational infographics to statistical and hierarchical infographics, there are a different number of link building infographic types that can complement any type of content.

How to make Infographics?

While link building infographics do seem simple enough, a considerable amount of research and work goes behind making one. This section will detail a comprehensive overview of the complete process of making infographics.

– Research: 

Everything starts with solid research. If your infographic is not offering relevant or new information to the readers, no matter how compelling it is, readers will scroll past it. Research the topic thoroughly and provide valuable insights using your infographics to enhance its chances of getting picked up by other bloggers and content creators.

– Understand the audience: 

Now that you have the complete data to work with, identify who the target audience is. This will help you understand which visuals to consider for your infographic and the designs your audience prefers to see.

– Craft a narrative:

With a complete understanding of the target audience, craft a compelling narrative that will engage your readers till the end. It is very much important that you master the art of visual storytelling if you want to create an engaging narrative with your link building infographic. A good point of inspiration would be to look at similar templates to help you understand the flow.

– Design:

Once you have the complete picture of how your infographic should look, it is time for you to design it. You can use applications like Photoshop or Illustrator to create infographics. Alternatively, if you want a simpler way to make infographics, you can always use free online tools like Canva which has some brilliantly designed templates.

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How to get backlinks with infographics?

Now that you are ready to publish your brand new infographic, you must be wondering how to score backlinks using it. Here’s how to do it.

– Publish: 

First things first. Publish the link building infographic on your website using proper descriptions and meta tags. This will help with proper search engine crawling for relevant keywords. Also, remember to include an embed code with it so that others can easily share it.

– Social media shares:

Social media is a very powerful outreach tool with over a billion active users daily. Promote your link building infographics on social media and also link back to your website. Create a compelling social media post using your infographic and start sharing. This can be a great way of reaching out to the target audience.

– Blogger outreach:

You can reach out to relevant bloggers and other content creators in your business niche and ask them to share your infographic. However, random cold emails will not get you the response you need. Instead, craft a personalized outreach strategy and stick to it. 

Here are some cold email outreach mistakes you need to avoid:

– Guest post:

Another great way of scoring backlinks with link building infographics is using guest posts. Create quality content around the infographic and get them published on high DA guest post sites.  Not only will this help you boost relevant organic traffic, but it will also help to get valuable backlinks.

Link building infographics are a great way to boost SEO and bolster your link building efforts. If you have some amazing data to leverage, people will automatically link back to it. Ensure to provide valuable insights and information with your infographics. It can take a lot to impress people these days.

Julian Goldie

Julian Goldie

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