Top Link Building Services for SEO Agencies in 2023


If your SEO agency is looking to provide quality services to your customers, leveraging solid link building services is a must. With plenty of options out there, how do you choose the top link building services for SEO agencies?

Well, we have all the right answers for you. No matter your business scale and customer base, we have listed the right tools for you. From some of the biggest names in the industry to some of the more underrated gems, we have compiled a definitive list of the top link building services for SEO agencies in 2023.

So, let us dive straight in.

Our favorite Link Building Services for SEO Agencies

– Finding link-building opportunities with Ahrefs:

The first step to successful link building is identifying prospects. Ahrefs is a complete suite of SEO tools that has pretty much all the features your SEO agency needs. From discovering backlink opportunities to unlinked mentions and everything in between, Ahrefs is one of the most essential link building services for SEO agencies.

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– Find competing backlinks with Moz Link Explorer:

As an SEO agency, it is critical for you to identify and analyze your client’s competition backlinks. The Link Explorer from Moz is a brilliant link building service for SEO agencies to track backlink profiles of other websites. Simply put in the URL of the competition and Moz will do the rest. A brilliant feature offered by Moz is the Anchor Text Analysis. This allows your agency to quickly find the most common anchor text used by other websites. Tracking backlinks is a great option if you want to replicate the competition’s success for your client.

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– Monitor backlinks and updates with AgencyAnalytics:

AgencyAnalytics can be the perfect choice for SEO agencies thanks to its robust client reporting tool. Designed specifically for SEO agencies, custom client reporting allows you to track your client’s SEO performance and helps you to stay on top of the link-building game. Also, a fully featured backlink monitoring tool helps your agency to stay updated on any significant changes to your client’s link profile.

– Research bad links with Link Research Tools:

Bad links can have a detrimental effect on your client’s link-building strategies. Therefore, it is very important to find them and disavow them at the earliest. Bad links refer to invalid or spammy links. There are plenty of such link building services for SEO agencies on the internet, but our personal favorite is Link Research Tools. This tool collects data from 24 reliable sources like Ahrefs, Moz, and others to give you a complete insight into your client’s backlink profile. The best part is whenever Link Research Tools identify a backlink opportunity, it gives a comprehensive risk score to it. This allows your agency to avoid spammy links for your clients.

– Extract emails with a click with

Now you have identified potential linking opportunities for your clients, it is time for your agency to work on the outreach campaign. But how do you find contacts for outreach? is a great link building service for SEO agencies that helps to scrape the contact information from any domain. Simply enter the URL of the website and you should see a complete list of contact details. These can be your contacts for your outreach campaigns.

– Send bulk emails with Mailchimp:

With a complete contact list for your client, the next step is to reach out to them. Using an automated bulk email service like Mailchimp is a great option to skip out on the labor of manual emails. From scheduling your emails to tracking responses and beyond, Mailchimp offers a plethora of wonderful features to charge your outreach campaigns.

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These were some of the best link building services for SEO agencies that can help every step of the way. From identifying backlink opportunities to crafting an outreach strategy and everything in between, we have listed out the most effective link building services for SEO agencies for every step of your link building efforts. Use them and help your client’s business rank #1 on Google.