What is a Link farm and why you should avoid them?


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Ah, the internet – a mystifying world full of opportunities, promises, and infinite amounts of information just waiting to be discovered. But behind this utopian-like veil lies some darker corners that can potentially send your website on a one-way ticket to digital destruction: enter link farms.

These “farms” are like an online junkyard consisting of web pages filled with keyword links to other websites. Link farms may sound innocuous enough, but beware – they can have dire consequences if you get too involved!

In this blog post, we’ll break down what link farms are and why it’s best avoided when growing your website’s presence online. Read on!

What is a link farm?

Are you ready to become the envy of your Internet peers? The answer might lie in a link farm, which is essentially a one-stop shop for links that increases page rank and makes you look like an authority. What’s more, these farms are relatively easy to maintain – all you have to do is make sure those links are pointing somewhere important.

Of course, if you don’t take care of your link farm properly, it could do more harm than good; before embarking on this adventure, perhaps read up on how to run your own little link hub. Otherwise, it could land you neck-deep in penalties from search engines!

Link farms can be used to boost search engine rankings

Link farms can be an easy way out for those who want shortcuts to increase traffic or climb search engine rankings. Unfortunately, the lazy man’s way isn’t the most reliable and could get you in hot water if the search engines catch on.

Link farms provide a false picture of SEO success and offer nothing but packaging tape solutions that only last until it’s time to move on to another project. Your best bet is to go with a more authentic approach which requires effort and tends to pay off in the long run.

Link farms are considered spam

Link farms are a scourge of the digital age; sending web crawlers on a wild goose chase. Strictly speaking, they’re nothing more than websites that link to each other, hoping to improve their standings with search engines. Unfortunately, while they may want to be taken seriously by search engine algorithms, most just end up getting themselves listed under ‘spam‘.

When caught frolicking in these shady pastures, sites can easily find themselves subject to a host of penalties – like being placed at the back of Google’s metaphorical bus. So remember: if you have any plans for setting up an internet secret handshake club – don’t. It will only get you into trouble.

If you’re thinking about using a link farm, consider the risks and potential negative consequences before proceeding

If you’re thinking of taking a road less traveled with link farming, keep this in mind: Riding the back of a jalopy without brakes may seem like a convenient shortcut, but the potential to go over one too many hills and get into some serious trouble could ruin your entire day.

Link farms can certainly lead to an increase in traffic but if they don’t align with accepted practices, you could end up in hot water – or worse. So, before you rev that engine, consider the risks and consequences that come along with link farming – because it might not be worth getting burned!

Focus on quality content

When it comes to increasing the visibility and ranking of your website, conventional wisdom can take a major detour. Quality content is the ace in the hole when working to get your page closer to the top of the algorithmic food chain.

This key ingredient will provide readers with something attention-grabbing and meaningful that they’re likely to share, making it a natural link magnet for high-quality sites. You’d be wise to put away tired old tricks and give focus to serving up tasty bits of textual awesomeness instead.


If you’re looking to increase your website’s ranking in search engines, avoid link farms at all costs. Link farms are groups of websites that exist solely for the purpose of providing links to other websites. They provide no valuable content themselves and can actually do more harm than good to your website’s ranking. If you suspect a website is part of a link farm, stay away!

Julian Goldie

Julian Goldie

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