The Strategy

The link-building strategy we will use is called the Skyscraper Technique. It’s whitehat, ethical and protects your website. That means no PBNs, spammy blog comments or anything else that could jeopardise the reputation of your website.


The pricing model is practically risk-free for your business – if you don’t get links, you won’t pay. 

The pricing strategy is based on the Ahrefs Domain Rating scale: the higher the Domain Rating, the more authority a link carries – meaning I’m incentivised to only build high-quality links for your website and that’s why I’ve created the pricing strategy below.

Price Per Link

Metric Price 
DR 0 $ 52 / link
DR 1-9 $ 131 / link
DR 10-29 $ 174 / link
DR 30-69 $ 216 / link
DR 70-89 $ 260 / link
DR 90+ $ 475 / link

Our sales representative will be sending you a Stripe payment link for your first month of link building. When payment is received, you will be introduced to an account manager who will explain to you in details how we can help with your campaign’s overall success. 

Setup Fee

Aside from your monthly link building budget, we will also charge $500 as a setup fee for the research involved plus all the expenses required such as:

    • Setting up your email accounts

    • Finding/cleaning the email addresses

    • Outreach software

    • Software for finding the prospects

    • Researching your competitor’s content etc.

Another $500 can be added to avail the Content Audit, which includes:

    • Analysis of content quality, including grammar, spelling, and readability.

    • Evaluation of the relevance and usefulness of the content to the target audience

    • Identification of duplicated or redundant content

    • Identification of any technical issues, such as broken links or missing alt tags

    • Identification of opportunities for optimization, such as keywords and meta tags. 

Once the set-up fee has been paid, I’ll begin by creating your content calendar, and setting up your email outreach accounts. The content calendar will be ready within 48 hours and the content audit will be ready within 72 hours.

Monthly Budgets

If I do build more links than the budget permits, we can roll those links onto the next month or if you prefer, you can pay upfront for the excess amount. We recommend committing to 6 months to start seeing a return on your investments.

The Technology

The tools I’ll use for link building will help improve efficiency, save time and maximise your campaign’s overall success.

Here’s a list of the tools I’ll use:

    • Lemlist: Lemlist is a powerful tool I’ll use for cold email outreach. This allows me to make your campaign scalable and improve the reach of your campaign.

    • G Suite Email: Gmail accounts aren’t ideal for outreach campaigns – they don’t look professional and they’re liable to be shut down for over-use.  That’s why I’ll setup a G Suite account instead. We’ll begin by ‘warming up’ your account, with 30-50 emails per day, and go from there. This will improve your email’s overall deliverability. 

    • Ahrefs: Ahrefs allows me to prospect for potential link building campaigns, find link-worthy skyscraper articles in your niche and measure the Domain Rating of each link I build.

    • Neverbounce: It’s important to clean and verify email addresses before an outreach campaign is launched, to protect your G Suite account and improve email deliverability. And that’s why I’ll use Neverbounce.

    • Google Sheets: You’ll receive a monthly report with a list of the links I’ve built, their Domain Rating and for which skyscraper article that relates to.

Paying For Links

Unfortunately, buying links is becoming increasingly more common. However, sometimes paid links are an opportunity. Any paid link opportunities will be filtered for certain metrics – such as organic traffic, DR/DA, previous changes in organic traffic and the ‘link neighbourhood’. This type of filtering is designed to ensure that any paid links will positively impact your website.

Changes And Adjustments

If you and your account manager agree to make any changes with your services and/or strategy, those changes will be reflected during the next billing cycle.