Top 5 Link Types in SEO Linkbuilding Services That You Should Get Now


SEO linkbuilding services are mainly concerned about the various links they need to build for better indexing and ranking opportunities. These services provide comprehensive analysis about your website’s current keywords that convert and those that don’t generate hits. As part of white hat SEO strategy, service providers focus on the different types of links and the various roles they play in your website and ranking stats.

SEO linkbuilding services are mainly concerned about the value of the links they build and how each of these differ from each other. They know that each type of link is unique and plays various roles in improving website rankings and other SEO metrics for success.

5 Types of Links for SEO and How to Build Them

Here are the 10 types of links worth for backlinking to your site with higher domain rating and how to get them.

.EDU Links

.EDU sites have high domain authority, making them more valuable though not so powerful. Getting .edu links means communicating with somebody like a student or teacher from the institution or school having the same niche as yours to write a guest post for your website. Once he/she agrees, you can ask her to share the post to his/her classmates and teachers.

If everything goes well, you can offer the student a certain discount on your website’s product or subscription for a change.

.GOV Links

The “.gov” links, like the “.edu” links, have high domain rating.  Earning .gov links means that you need to connect with the armed forces’ veterans You can then offer scholarships, training or discounts. Thus, you need to reach out to local SBA or VA to inform them about your program.

.ORG Links

.ORG links are easier to obtain compared to .GOV and .EDU. Yet, they are all valuable for having high domain ratings.

Getting .ORG links means reaching out to your target audience by volunteering. You may also offer your services or products. Another way to get this type of link is to sponsor a charity program.

Editorial Links

These are editorially-given links that naturally happen when you publish high-quality and engaging content. Getting this kind of links means that you must build diverse marketing plan to have higher chances of earning links.

Traditional Media or Press Links

These are links from the press like TV, radio, newspaper, magazine. To get this type of links, you should then create a certain study or resource that journalists will cite. Another way is to use HARO to answer a reporter’s questions.

Though using HARO can be time consuming, your efforts are well-paid here when you build a long lasting relationship with a highly reputable journalist who can give you a break in your writing career. Another advantage is that you get high-quality press links.

The Bottom Line

These are just the 5 links that top the list that are considered highly valuable in SEO linkbuilding services. Other links that are also considered valuable or with higher domain authority are internal links, competitor links, social media profile links, niche forum profile links, complementary links from businesses within your niche or industry, and many more. The list is almost endless for your business’ boundless growth and success.