5 “Five Minute Or Less” SEO Tips To Boost Your Rankings


Growing your website and boosting your SEO can be time-consuming and expensive. But, did you know that there are ways to do it in five minutes or less, and save you money and resources as well?

Here are five SEO hacks you can make in five minutes or less.

Tip #1 Open Ahrefs.com

The first tool you can use is Ahrefs.com. It’s a tool that allows you to check your domain rating, keywords, backlinks, and anything else you want to know about the SEO of your site.

When you enter the website, you can go to the audit section and sign in. Then, click on the “New Project” button, add in your URL, key in a new project name, and click “Continue”. 

Once you’ve set up the site audit, you can now see how your website has improved, its overall health score, and whether or not you need to make any immediate improvements. 

You can easily find out the following information using Ahrefs:

  • How has your domain rating changed over time? 
  • What keywords are improving? 
  • How is your website performing overall? 
  • Is the site gradually improving over the long term? 

Ahrefs is a very powerful tool that literally takes about two minutes to use by adding in your website information.

And it’s 100% worth it because in that short period of time you can gather reports and data automatically, and end up with a very nice dashboard to look at.

Tip #2 Keywords Explorer

Ahrefs has tons of useful tools and features. But the most important one when setting up your website, is the Keywords Explorer.

Remember, if you don’t have the right keywords, you’re not going to rank for anything. So, you have to really nail down the keywords that you want to use. 

In five minutes or less, you can find low-competition, high-volume keywords that you can use to rank your website, and improve your SEO. 

With the keyword explorer, you can simply type in your keyword and click “Search”, and it will quickly pump out loads of keyword ideas. 

Let’s say you are in the CBD niche, you will never rank for CBD unless you have a very powerful backlink strategy.

What you can do is go to “Phrase Match” while checking the keyword difficulty (KD). Keyword difficulty is measured from zero (lowest) to 100 (hardest). 

For example, if you put a max of 10 as the keyword difficulty, you will find and filter low-competition keywords, that you can actually start ranking for. Then, you can change the volume to 100 max.

Even though it says that the keyword is only getting 100 searches per month, it’s probably getting more like 500 to 1000 searches per month. Ahrefs just tends to underestimate the amount of volume when it comes to people searching for a keyword. 

Next, you will click on “More Filters”, press “Clicks Per Search”, and key in the minimum amount of clicks you want to aim for. Click on “Apply” and wait for the results load.

You will then get a list of filtered down, low-competition keywords, that have a decent amount of volume per month, and actually get a great amount of clicks from Google. 

Moreover, you can repeat that process for other variations of your main keyword. For example, aside from CBD, you could also try ‘cannabidiol’ or ‘cannabis’.

All in all, Keywords Explorer is such a quick and easy process, that will save you months of frustration in the long run. 

Tip #3 Sign Up For HARO (Helpareporter.com)

When it comes to SEO, you should know that backlinks are essential for ranking on Google. If you don’t have links to your website, then chances are that you’re never going to rank. And it doesn’t matter how much content you produce.

If you don’t get the backlinks to your site to grow your authority, then you probably won’t rank first on Google anytime soon.

The competition is mainly based on the backlinks you have. So, what’s the easiest way to get these backlinks? You can sign up for an account on HARO at helpareporter.com. 

Signing up takes about two minutes. And once you sign up, you’re basically getting free press coverage and backlink opportunities emailed to you every single day. 

After signing up, you get an email from HARO with a list of PR opportunities that you can choose from.

Basically, journalists use HARO to advertise press release opportunities for people to reply to. If you reply to their query, you can potentially get featured and receive a backlink to your site. 

HARO is very quick and easy to use. You can start by sending a very short email introducing yourself, explaining what you do, and responding to whatever query interested journalists have asked via HARO. It can take about 2 minutes to do this.

Aim for websites that have a lot of authority, as it will provide plenty of link juice to your website, and get you and your submission featured on HARO.

HARO is a powerful way to get backlinks and it doesn’t really require any more time than other forms of link building. In fact, this is probably the fastest way that you can possibly do backlinking. 

Tip #4 Install Plug-Ins

If you want to minimize the images on your website, you can install plugins. Simply go to “Plugins”, underneath your WordPress login, click “Add New”, and then search for ShortPixel Adaptive images. 

There are plenty of different plugins for adapting and optimizing your images so that they will load faster. But ShortPixel is super easy and only takes about two minutes to install and set up. In an instant, it will automatically optimize all the images on your site. 

But why is optimizing images important? When images are big, they take up a lot of room and can take a bit of time to load, which can slow your site down.

If your site is slow, that means your on-page matrix will also be slow too, simply because people are less likely to use your site if it’s so time-consuming to navigate and move around.

The bottom line is that you should really be setting up ShortPixel on your site. If you don’t want Google to notice that people are dropping off your site because your page metrics are slow, you should definitely install this plugin.

It only takes about two minutes to set up, and only cost you a few dollars a month.

Tip #5 Work With Surfer SEO

When you’re trying to complete the content of your website, you also need to create the outline for your writers.

Writers need to know what topics to write about, what keywords to optimize for, and all of the FAQs you want to cover. That can take a lot of time, research, resources, and energy. 

There is a really quick way to speed this process up, and that’s by using Surfer SEO. When you create an account, you can begin with their seven-day trial for only $1. Once you begin using Surfer SEO, you can create blog outlines in about two minutes. 

Simply type in your keyword on the search bar and click on “Create A Query”. Doing this will quickly create a blog outline for this specific keyword. You will also find out who is already ranking on Google for this keyword, what they’re doing, and even their success rates.

Surfer SEO also shows you how many headings, paragraphs, bold words, images, and keywords to include on the page.

With other SEO tools, you have to search for this information manually, and it can take a lot of time, whereas Surfer SEO does everything instantly.

In addition, it also tells you what topics and questions to talk about in a particular blog, since these are what your high-ranking competitors have on their sites.

To start, you can simply press the “Copy the Shareable Link” button and send it to your content writers so they can fill in all of the content. The tool also grades your content and tracks how many words, headings, and paragraphs are written.

You can also track how the content is doing in real time. Once it’s done, you can upload it quickly to your site. 

You can easily create blog outlines in a matter of a couple of minutes. And instead of doing all the research manually yourself, you can just pop it in the Surfer SEO tool.

All in all, boosting your SEO and growing your site may sound like a difficult job to do. But, with the five tips listed in this article, you won’t only ensure that your sites are 100% working, but that they will also be less time-consuming and more affordable for you.