Testimonial Link Building Strategy: How To Get Free, High DR Backlinks Fast.


Testimonial link building is one of the easiest ways to get high quality, high DR backlinks:

And today you’ll learn exactly how to do that including:

  • How to build testimonial backlinks
  • The BEST way to approach this strategy
  • Tips to almost guarantee it works
  • And some proven outreach templates you can steal

What Is Testimonial Link Building?

In this day and age, we have a subscription for everything! 

If you’re running a website, you’ll likely use a lot of different tools, suppliers and products to grow your business.

Most of those sites want more social proof to their product. 

And who’s going to say no to a raving fan who loves their brand and wants to give out a testimonial?

So this is the perfect way to get backlinks:

If you can come along and offer them a testimonial:

  • They get an amazing testimonial or case study to sell their products
  • And in exchange, you get a backlink to your homepage + PR along the way.

It’s a no brainer:

You don’t need a brain to do this.

Here’s just a few examples of where we got backlinks from the tools we use…

(I’ll show you how I did it in a minute.)

Cloudways featured my quote with a DR 90 backlink:

Lemlist gave us a backlink like this:

And we did the same with Hunter too:

If you were going to pay for this type of PR, it would cost thousands of dollars:

How much did these links cost me?

Nothing – 100% free.

So I’m going to break it all down, show you how to do this yourself and even give you the outreach messages you can use too.

How To Do Testimonial Link Building in 4 Simple Steps:

1: Prospecting:

So what’s the best website to approach for testimonial links?


Start by making a list of the tools, products and suppliers you could reach out to offering a testimonial.

Obviously only do this ONLY for suppliers/products you actually use:

Don’t just approach every man and his dog on the internet for a testimonial link!

I’m no legal expert:

But fake reviews are not a good touch so you have to be genuine and honest here.

In an ideal world, you’ll get testimonials from sites that your target customer would see too: 

We know our potential clients use Hunter, Cloudways and Lemlist.

So it’s not just a backlink, it’s a sales tool for us too.

And the more relevant your testimonial backlinks are, the better.

Plus you’ll drive some referral traffic from that link to your site so it’s a chance to get more leads.

Next up, it’s time to start the outreach…

2: Outreach:

Ideally, you want to approach the top dogs in the company for a backlink:

Founders. CEOs. CMOs etc.


Because they’re the ones who understand the value of testimonials and it’s a good opportunity to build a relationship directly with them.


Via Facebook DMs, LinkedIn or just find their email address online.

Here’s an example of an outreach message we’ve used:

(P.S. Lemlist really do have an amazing software I’d recommend checking out.)

Now what happens if they don’t reply?

No biggie:

Just use the live chat feature or customer support email with your offer.

With outreach, persistence pays off so approach in different ways.

And don’t forget to personalize your outreach message to the situation:

The better prepared you are, the more compelling your testimonial offer is.

e.g. I’d already published videos about Lemlist and it’s features.

You only get 1 shot to make a good first impression here!

3: Creating The Testimonial:

Now it’s time to provide your honest review:

Don’t use something generic: 

Keep it personalised to your experience.

And ideally, you want data to backup your testimonial.


Because the better your case study, the more likely you are to get featured.

This makes it more compelling and interesting. And it’s data the company wouldn’t have had access to, so you’re adding value.

That’s why we mentioned how we increased our traffic by 1,000% in this case study with Hunter.io:

Want to level this up? 

Back everything up with solid data, charts and examples.

Video testimonials are also great: 

Most people aren’t comfortable on camera and aren’t willing to give video testimonials…

…So if you can produce one you’ll stand out.

And video testimonials are far more compelling as a sales tool.

And be prepared to rewrite your content:

It might take several back and forths before your content gets added.

4: Getting Featured:

It might take a while for your testimonial to get published:

But once it’s up, you’ll get backlinks straight to your homepage which is rare.

You can rinse and repeat this process:

And it’s a reliable, timeless way to get high quality backlinks.

Plus most of these sites get bombarded with skyscraper and guest post offers, so you stand out from the crowd.

And you’ll build a lot of good connections with businesses along the way.

So that’s it.

By the way, if you want to get more backlinks:

Book in a free strategy call at juliangoldie.com and we’ll be happy to look through your website, your niche and give you tips on your SEO strategy.

We’ll teach you the the best ways to get backlinks and grow your organic traffic, and you can book that in instantly at juliangoldie.com