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The best route to page rank is through backlinks. But every blogger has to deal with the slow and tiresome process of building backlinks. But with assistance from a themed link building agency, you are good to go. However, you will get a number of articles online that advise you to “write quality content,” “engage in social networking,” and “develop relationships with readers and other bloggers.”

All of these are great ideas and very true, but what if you want to move along more quickly? What if you want to increase your page rank before Google’s upcoming update?

Well, you can quickly find the answers you need by visiting the theme viewer. Else, you can hire a professional themed link building agency that can assist you. 


For instance, as of the time of thizs writing, 4,174 people downloads the WordPress theme “Networker 1.0.” If you were the theme’s creator, your link would be in the footer. This would mean that as of right now, you would have 4,000 backlinks, give or take, depending on how many people are downloading the theme and leaving the footer intact. Therefore, this is how you can obtain a desirable page rank. Additionally, all it would take is one effective theme.

WordPress themes are most likely the simplest and fastest ways to quickly increase the number of backlinks to your blog. Since they are available for free download, you can welcome anyone who wants to download them. Also, there are millions of WordPress users looking for one and new bloggers are setting up their websites every day, traffic will keep flowing. 

Therefore, to achieve popularity when creating your theme, search the web for popular themes, and check the popular section in the theme viewer. Additionally, use what you find as a guide for what other people are seeking in a theme.

What YOU Need to Know About Anchor Text

Ideas By Themed Link Building Agency To Include In Your Theme

  • SEO is always a plus point
  • Include features for the most widely used plugins. However, nobody enjoys using a theme that is incompatible with their preferred plugins.
  • The love of money! People will appreciate it if you add off-the-shelf monetization (Google AdSense ready)
  • There is no excuse not to make it widget-ready, and everyone wants it.
  • Keep it brief! Despite having devoted followers, dark themes typically don’t get as many downloads.
  • Also, enhance your theme with some flair. Give it a distinctive feature, like a box for recent posts or a lovely subscription form.
  • Offer assistance! This is crucial because when people download your theme, they may have inquiries. Moreover, if you choose to disregard them, they will find another theme. This is because there are other options available as well. 
  • Options appeal to people. Perhaps you could include a variety of header styles with the download so they can customize it. Check out these blog and website templates for inspiration.

Therefore, these ideas by the best link building services agency will help you improve your page ranking quickly

What If You Don’t Know About Web Designing

If you don’t know anything about web design, don’t feel empty after reading this blog. However, there are other options as well. Here are a few suggestions by the best themed link building agency via which you can jump on the backlink train.

Sponsor a WordPress theme

Well, many theme developers are looking for sponsors. They appreciate having a direct income stream from a free design. Typically, the sponsorship prices range from $15 to $400, depending on the designer and the item’s popularity. You will receive a link in the footer that typically says “Sponsored By” when you sponsor a theme. This is an acceptable substitute for creating your own theme. But as with all forms of advertising, read the fine print and understand what you are agreeing to before parting with your hard-earned money.

How will it work?

When you sponsor a WordPress theme or template, you typically receive a link with your chosen anchor text in the theme’s footer. However, bloggers can download and install your theme on their blogs after it gains popularity or listing in several theme directories. Afterward, you can then instantly get links from each blog. Every day, thousands of website owners download WordPress themes and other platform specific themes. Furthermore, you receive a new link from his website each time someone installs your theme or publishes a new blog post.

Hire someone to design a theme for you

Funny thing is, you can probably find someone to hard code a theme for you for about the same amount as you would pay to sponsor one. Moreover, it would make this a better choice for you to think about. Therefore, to find out how much you can charge someone to do this, check out some of the freelance coding websites and forums. Never pay in advance for services. Instead, wait until you have a fully functional theme before doing so.

Where To Get The Developers Who Are Looking For Theme Sponsorship

Well, we would suggest you check the WordPress theme directory and contact developers having experience in building themes in your niche. Additionally, you can also ask them about the possibility of creating a special theme relevant to your niche. This would allow you to be the only sponsor. Also, you can offer to sponsor their next theme. Most importantly, engage with them and build good relationships so that they ask you for sponsorship in the future. 

Alternatively, if you search online or on forums, you can find a number of developers offering such types of services. But for that, you need to keep a lot more checks on the background. This is because the risk of getting a bad developer failure in the theme sponsorship links is higher. 


It’s up to you and your skills to choose a course of action. Never have your name associated with a design that has been poorly coded. However, you want people to think highly of you when they see it, and the better the theme, the more backlinks you are likely to get.

Though hiring a professional themed link building agency would be more convenient. So what are you waiting for? Contact Goldie Agencythe best link building services agency for assistance.

Julian Goldie

Julian Goldie

Hey, I'm Julian Goldie! I'm an SEO link builder and founder of Goldie Agency. My mission is to help website owners like you grow your business with SEO!


Get free, instant access to our SEO video course, 120 SEO Tips, ChatGPT SEO Course, 999+ make money online ideas and get a 30 minute SEO consultation!

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