What Is White Hat SEO Link Building? (Protect Your Site!)


What is white hat link building? Does it even exist? This is a really heavily debated topic. There is actually a fine line between white hat and black hat link building.

It is really important that you get a solid understanding of what this means, because if you don’t, you could be de-indexed from Google or even face a harsh algorithmic penalty.  

If you want to protect your website, build links that actually increase your rankings, and generate that sweet Google love, keep reading. 

What Exactly is White Hat Link Building?

The short answer is that white hat link building is any type of link building that conforms with Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Google really cares about its users and any backlinks you build should benefit them. This means that you’re actually trying to build links that are ethical and you’re not trying to game or manipulate the system. 

Ask yourself this question: “Would you feel comfortable explaining how you build links to an employee of Google or even to one of your competitors?”. If the answer is no, then you’re probably doing something wrong. 

How Does Google Define White Hat Link Building? 

If you check their Google webmaster guidelines, you can see that they’ve left the definition open to interpretation. You can see keywords like “may/could be penalized”, so it’s very subjective and not a hard and fast rule.

Some people would say that if you’re building links you are surely trying to manipulate your rankings, and therefore there’s no such thing as white hat link building.

But really, you have to conform to Google’s webmaster guidelines. If you’re building links that conform to those, then you’re building white hat links.

Google specifically states that if you’re paying for links or you’re building links with automated software, then what you’re doing is black hat and it goes against Google’s webmaster guidelines.

What Are Some Examples of White Hat Link Building? 

Google really cares about its users, so white hat link building is about creating great content that people want to link to.

You should be building links that improve the usability and the user experience of Google, rather than trying to game or manipulate the system. 

Examples of white hat link building could include creating infographics, guides, and amazing resources. Your content should be so good that people want to link to it and therefore, it gets discovered through Google. 

What are the Black Hat Types of Links?

Now we’ve looked at what white hat link building is, it’s time to learn about what isn’t. It’s called the black hat. If you’re trying to manipulate, cheat, or trick Google and the system, then what you’re doing is black hat. 

An example of this could be buying PBNs or paying for links online. Essentially, if you’re buying 10,000 backlinks from some random guy on the internet, then you’re actually building black hat links. And you will have to come back to your ethics.

Are you building links ethically? Or are you trying to game the system? If you’re trying to game the system, then you’re on the black hat side.

Protect Your Site with White Hat Link Building

White hat link building is more difficult to do because it takes more time and effort, so why should you bother with it? Primarily, this is a long term, sustainable strategy.

If you’re not building white hat backlinks, then you’re risking a harsh algorithmic and even manual action penalty from Google. Furthermore, you may even get de-indexed from Google.

And all these things can easily wipe out your website overnight, just for building black hat links. 

If you want to protect your website and don’t want to be lying awake at night wondering if your website’s gonna tank, then you need to be really careful about the links you build. Keep your website protected and focus on long term gratification. 

In conclusion, a white hat is any type of link building that aligns with Google’s webmaster guidelines. This is where you should put your focus on when building links because it’s a long term sustainable strategy.

At the same time, it’s also very crucial to focus on ethics. Never try building links that cheat the system, but build links to promote amazing content that Google users will love. 

Lastly, the quickest way to figure out if you’re on the right track is when you feel proud of sharing the links you’ve built.

After all, if you truly believe that they are high-quality links that you are comfortable sharing, then you’re obviously building white hat backlinks. And that is definitely a very good thing.