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Most people are still anxious to buy backlinks these days. Understanding the various reasons and benefits of buying backlinks is crucial to your website’s SEO strategy. Read on to get the most of your backlink buying journey and reap all of the benefits coming your way.

The main goal of buying backlinks is to get a particular website link back to the owner’s website for more visitors, hits, conversions and sales. This implies that you need to buy backlinks to websites with higher page rank or DA to get the most out benefits.

Google and Backlink Buying

Now, you may wonder whether or not this process is legally approved by Google. Some SEO strategists will tell you this is not possible with the Google algorithm. However, the truth is that Google is not against paid links. If you want to buy backlinks for the purpose of ranking, then obviously Google will not tolerate that. This is known as link spam. This is considered in the Link Scheme of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Selling and buying links to pass PageRank is what Google deemed illegal.

Here are the types of links that Google will not allow.

  • Link exchanges in excessive forms
  • The use of automated programs creating links to your site
  • Requiring links in contractual agreement and Terms of Service
  • Monetary exchanges, goods or services for a link that passes Page Rank
  • Guest posting or article marketing in large scale with anchor text links that are keyword-rich

Here are the various forms of link buying.

  • PBNs or Private Blog Networks
  • Paid guest posts
  • Press Release Distribution Services
  • Paid link insertions
  • Paid directory listings

You must consider the various types of links to use so as not to get banned by Google. However, Google approves links that are purchased for advertising purposes. These should have the “rel=sponsored” and the “rel=nofollow” attributes.

What are Sponsored and No Follow Attributes

Both the “rel=sponsored” and “rel=nofollow” attributes are made to give contextual hints to search engines. No follow attributes inform search engines that the links are merely for reference. It also means that its author is not endorsing the website that;s being linked to. On the other hand, sponsored attributes inform search engines that no endorsement is inferred in creating such links. It is created as part of the sponsorship arrangement for advertising purposes. UGC or user-generated content is another link attribute that is related to the sponsored one. Using “rel=nofollow ugc” could also help in relevant conditions.

What are Follow Links

Follow links always pass PageRank ranking credits. However, buying the following links can negatively affect your site’s ranking performance. Does this mean that you should not buy backlinks at all? Think twice. Consider the fact that link buying is not a new thing. It’s a thing of the past. The only difference is that due to Google Webmaster Guidelines and Google algorithm, what worked before may not be working these days. Webmasters need to be very flexible in dealing with the ever-changing times and algorithms.

Buy Backlinks in Four Ways

There are basically four ways to buy backlinks. These are in-house link buying, agency link buying, private link buying, and middleman link buying. These are your options based on your budget and other business considerations.

In-house Link Buying

The process lets you get the most out of your link building needs by hiring in-house. However, it costs the most among the other options. This could add up to around $70,000 from staffing to the basic tools, to training, conferences and other expenses.

Agency Link Buying

Agency link buying means that you are paying an agency to buy backlinks. This option is not as expensive as in-house link buying but can also cost you more. It can cost you around $2500 or more. However, it won’t exceed the cost of the in-house option.

Middleman Link Buying

With middleman link buying, the cost ranges from around $80 to $500. The advantage of this is that it lets you access an on-demand portfolio of websites, niches and domain authority. It lets you save time and even money.

Private Link Buying

Private link buying refers to buying backlinks from individuals doing outreach link building. Though this also works, this option lets you spend an additional $268 expense per link.


So, why buy backlinks now? It lets you save time, money, and you get professional SEO link building services. Strike while the iron is hot. Do it now! Link buying is not always bad. You just have to adhere to Google Webmaster Guidelines to avoid negative effects. Buy backlinks the right way from the right company.

Julian Goldie

Julian Goldie

Hey, I'm Julian Goldie! I'm an SEO link builder and founder of Goldie Agency. My mission is to help website owners like you grow your business with SEO!


Get free, instant access to our SEO video course, 120 SEO Tips, ChatGPT SEO Course, 999+ make money online ideas and get a 30 minute SEO consultation!

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