So...You Want Copy That Actually Converts Huh?

How would you like to double, triple or even 10X your sales?

Discover how to grow your business with high-converting copy below...

Are You Confused By Copy?

A) I need better copy...but I have NO idea how to get started.

B) My copy isn't converting and I don't know why.

C) I'm looking for a direct way to increase my website's ROI.

I Turn Words Into Money.

Whether you picked A, B or C, I can help you craft the copy that gets results.


Drive More Sales

Imagine doubling your sales with the latest copywriting techniques. Does that excite you?


Setup Once. Profit Forever.

Once you have a strong sales funnel set up, it keeps working for you - for months or even years to come.


Save Time

Don't let writing eat into your time.

I'll save you hours of frustration & free up your schedule.

About Me.

Howdy, I'm Julian Goldie, a direct response copywriter from the UK...

And if you need copy that actually sells, I can help.

But...why trust me to do the job?

Firstly, I've:

✓ Delivered a multi-million dollar email funnel that raised over $6,016,087 in 30 days
✓ Helped over 120 happy copywriting clients on & raked in over $20k in UpWork sales alone
✓ Sold over 3,000 infoproducts on Fiverr & captured over $30k in sales

But there's more...

...I've spent the last 8 years—and over $10,000—learning from the best copywriters in the world.

...And that's a skill you can tap into, for a tiny fraction of the cost.

Plus if you haven't realised're still reading this. (If you believe that was your choice, well...that's kinda my point!)

What My Clients Say.


Julian is one of the most talented marketing individuals I have worked with, his natural creative flair combined with a business focused approach for profit ensures he delivers results that matter.


Claire Doherty

Marketing Director, Cordant


Julian possesses a rare ability to analyse a situation and create a strategy tailor made to give best results. His work ethic and knowledge was unparalleled and was a pleasure to work alongside.


Shaun Dempsey

Marketing Manager, de Poel

I Write The Copy. You Take The Credit.

  • Drive more sales, more conversions & more opt-ins.
  • Effortlessly Transform Your Leads Into Eager Buyers. 
  • most businesses don't know how to write copy. This is your chance to get the drop on your competitors.
  • Stop Hiring Unproven Copywriters That Don't Know How To Sell. 
  • track the return on every dollar you spend.
  • Tap Into A Wealth Of Experience from a copywriter that lives & breathes in the copywriting trenches.

Here's The Catch...

I can't (and won't) work with anyone...

I write full-time with some top-level clients and I have some strict (but reasonable) criteria.

No 'get rich quick' or unethical products.
You must be able to wait a minimum of 2 weeks before I can start working with you.
No 'cheap Charlies' - if you know the value of copywriting and the returns it brings, we'll be a good fit.

What To Do Next.

Still keen?

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