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16 To 93 On Google PageSpeed Insights (In 2 Minutes)

These days, page speed is so important to users because faster pages are more efficient and provide a much better on-page user experience.  A slow website will cause your visitors to click away and go somewhere else for the information.  This means you miss out on sales, revenue and look bad in the eyes of

Cryptocurrency SEO Case Study: How To Go From 279 Visitors Per Day To 1,450!

RESULTS gains a 5X increase in SEO traffic Traffic increased exponentially More FREE traffic, customers and revenue for this website Only a handful of backlinks built (quality over quantity!) Thousands of dollars in passive income generated for the affiliate website THE CHALLENGE Cryptocurrency is a difficult niche to rank because there’s a lot of

How To Use HARO For Backlinks | Top 5 Tips For Using HARO

If you’re a website owner or blogger, you’ve likely heard of HARO. It’s one of the top methods to build backlinks and increase your traffic and authority. Basically, HARO is a hub where journalists connect with sources and industry experts for topics that they are writing about. In this article, I’m going to tell why

How To Get Free Backlinks That Will Boost Your Website’s Rankings

One of the best ways to increase your website’s authority and improve your rankings is through free backlinks. Backlinks are references to your site in someone else’s content.  In this article, I’m going to teach you exactly how to get free backlinks to your website. More specifically, how to get high-quality free backlinks. It doesn’t

Jarvis AI For SEO: How To Write Content That Ranks #1

Creating awesome content that ranks is not an easy task. But that doesn’t mean the process can’t be simplified.  Introducing Jarvis A.I. No, I’m not talking about Jarvis from those Marvel movies. I’m talking about a powerful SEO tool that when used correctly will allow you to write awesome engaging content.  What is Jarvis A.I?

Top 3 SEO Tools To Rank Higher On Google

Are you looking for the best SEO tools to help improve your rankings on Google? If not you should be because, in order to outrank your competitors, your content needs to be interesting, informative, and engaging. In this article, I’m going to introduce you to my top three best SEO tools you need to be

My Biggest SEO Mistake | Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid

Is your website not getting any traffic? If so, then it’s probably because you’ve been making some SEO mistakes. SEO mistakes can be a disaster for your business. If you don’t get traffic, you’ll get no leads. And that means your business won’t make any money. All that time and effort in website building and

Artificial Intelligence & SEO: Can You Rank Better with AI?

Artificial Intelligence or AI – as soon as we hear the term, we conjure up images of complex machines and robots. But in fact, AI is transforming the simplest of activities around us.  If, for example, you run an online business, AI could mean plenty of possibilities for you such as: Can AI write SEO