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4 Ways To Know If Your Backlinks Are High Quality

Backlinks… Wonderful high quality backlinks… They’re one of the main things that make the SEO world go around.  But, here’s a little surprise for you — did you know that loads of people fail with SEO, even when they build lots of backlinks?  You wanna know why?  ….It’s because they don’t build high-quality links.  Yep,

SEO Backlink Tips for Beginners

We’re gonna go over some SEO backlink tips for beginners.  Now, at this point, you might just be thinking that the only thing you need to know about backlinks — is that you have to build them, right?  I mean, why overcomplicate things? Why not just build your backlinks and relax? In fact, let’s just

Link Building for Beginners: How To Get Backlinks (for FREE)

We’re going to take a good look at how to get backlinks. To begin with, we’ll take a look at whether you should buy backlinks. Or if you should actually build them yourself.  Later on, we will also cover a few methods that’ll teach you how to get backlinks from high-authority sites. Some of these

Saas Link Building: An Ultimate Guide for Saas Companies

As a SaaS company, you know that digital marketing and link building is essential to your success. It’s one of the most powerful ways to get in front of your customer base, build trust with prospects and increase credibility. Having your brand associated with the right type of links will position you as an authority

What is Anchor Text?

Welcome! — In this article, we’re going to answer the question “what is anchor text.” If you’ve spent any time looking into SEO, you’ve probably come across this term.  However, like a lot of SEO terms, it’s kinda hard to figure out what it actually means. Especially if you don’t know anything about SEO. I

SEO vs Paid Ads

If you’re reading this article, you might be interested in how you should promote a new business, or you might be reviewing your current marketing strategy.  Either way, you’re probably asking yourself the question – “what’s the best option to go with first: SEO vs Paid Ads?”  You might even be feeling a little brave. And

How to Outsource Link Building: 6 Tips to Spot Red Flags

In this article, you’ll learn exactly how to outsource your link building. Hiring an SEO link builder isn’t easy: Should you hire an agency? Or a freelancer? …Or should you even outsource it at all? If you’re thinking about hiring a link builder, make sure you read this article because it will save you time,

Frase Review: Is It Really Worth it? An Unbiased Review

There’s one SEO strategy that will always work: creating great content. Your content needs to be interesting and informative to rank for competitive keywords on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Content briefs are a great way to plan your SEO strategy to create quality content that ranks well in search engines. In this article,

4 reasons why YOU need SEO 2022

Did you know 53% of all website traffic comes from organic search? For some people, a stat like that is enough to convince them that SEO is worth their time.  However, you may not be convinced, and that’s perfectly reasonable. After all, people might throw around lots of stats like that, but is SEO really