Digital Marketing Agency Tips from a Seven-Figure SEO Agency Owner


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In this blog, let’s go over some digital marketing agency tips. 

I’ve actually built a seven-figure SEO agency and these tips will hopefully help you get to the same point. 

And what your goals are…

…There’s a good chance this blog will help you. 

For example, the tips in section #1, will help you if you’re just starting out. 

Let’s get started!

Section #1 — Niche Down

Okay, the first tip I wanna cover here, is the importance of niching down.

This means you should focus on one of the main parts of SEO when doing client work. 

So, that could include link-building, content creation, or even something like technical search engine optimization. 

If you niche down, you only have to focus on delivering one kind of outcome for your clients. 

It makes it easier for you to figure out how you can deliver this outcome that’ll make your customers happy.

For example, if you only focus on link-building, you’ll pretty much just have to worry about building links. 

This makes agency life simpler. All you need to do now is concentrate on how you can build high-quality links at scale. 

As a result, delivering good results for your clients is now going to be a bit more straightforward…

And this is gonna simplify things when it comes to keeping and even landing new clients. 

That said…

A key point is that you don’t have to focus on a certain kind of SEO forever. 

After all, once your agency grows, you can think about branching out and offering a wider range of services. 

However, if you’re just at the start of your journey, narrowing things down.

Now, I can’t really tell you what direction you should go in here, as it all depends on your situation. 

You might wanna focus on something you have experience in or just something you find interesting. 

Either way, if you concentrate on one of the main categories of SEO… 

Such as link building, content creation, and technical optimization, you shouldn’t really go wrong.

Section #2 — Create SOPs

Another really good tip here is to focus on creating a Standard Operating Procedure, otherwise known as an “SOP.” 

This is a document that explains how a certain task should be done.

…If you wanna scale your agency, you’re gonna need to hire people at some point or another. 

Even if you hire people that understand SEO, there’s a good chance the individuals you hire, won’t know how you do things in your agency. 

They also may not know how to get results with a tactic that is central to how your agency operates.  

Because of this, you’ll need to train them so that they know how to do things properly. 

…And the easiest way to train people up… Is by giving them a document that explains how everything is done. 

For example, we use the Skyscraper technique a lot in our own agency. 

When I was starting out, it was me doing the heavy lifting to make this tactic work for my clients. 

But, as I got more customers, I had to build a team that could deliver great results, using this approach. 

After all, there’s only so much work I can do. 

Of course, the people I was hiring generally didn’t really know how to make the Skyscraper method work. 

At the very least, they didn’t really know how to get the kinds of results with this tactic, that I was able to get.  

Because of this, I had to create an SOP to make sure everyone knew how to pull this strategy off.

After giving my team these documents, they could replicate my approach when it comes to building these kinds of links.

This then allowed them to deliver the kinds of results that I was already delivering for my clients.

In fact, here’s a client that actually experienced great results thanks to the work of my team.


Anyhow, because I could now build a team, I could remove myself from certain tasks, and it then became a lot easier for me to scale my agency. 

It was now also much easier for me to increase output within my agency if we ever hit a bottleneck in terms of how many links we could build with a specific tactic.

For instance, if I couldn’t build enough Skyscraper links for my clients due to high demand — I could just hire more team members, and give them detailed instructions on how the Skyscraper technique works.  

They could then follow these instructions, and build these links without any major input on my part. 

Of course, that’s a bit of an oversimplification, but it’s pretty much how things worked. 

Also, I just wanna say…

If you’d like to learn a little bit more about how we use the Skyscraper strategy to deliver results for our clients, you can book a free consultation call with us at 

If you do that, we can have a quick chat, and we’ll help you understand how this method can help your site specifically!  

Anyway… Look… 

Even if you’re not looking to start your own agency, creating these kinds of documents can still be super helpful. 

That’s because you might eventually get to the point where you want more free time.

If you want these people to do the things properly, AKA at the same level as you, you’ll need to give them a solid set of instructions on how things need to be done. 

When you don’t give them something like this, they might not be able to hit the ground running, and they may even mess things up, and create more work for you. 

Which is probably the opposite of what you want, if you’re actually trying to remove yourself from the agency, and give yourself more freedom. 

Section #3 — Focus on Marketing

One of the weirdest things in the agency world is that most marketing agencies just aren’t that good at marketing themselves. 

This is a real shame because if you run an agency, you need to dial in your marketing. 

If you don’t do this, you probably won’t have a steady stream of leads, and this will then make life stressful, as you’ll always be worrying about where the next client is gonna come from. 

Now, there are literally dozens, and dozens, of methods you can use to market your agency, so I’m not gonna cover everything here. 

What you might wanna do though, is focus on one outbound method, and one inbound method. 

For example, an outbound method might include something like a cold email. 

So, you might send out video audits to people, and then explain how they can do a better job at SEO. 

The nature of these audits is obviously gonna depend on the kind of SEO work you do. 

For example, if you do technical SEO, you might do audits based on “page speeds.” 

So, you might find a website, and then highlight the fact that it has a slow “loading time.” 

Then, you might mention that you offer free consultations. If someone books a call, you could then offer your services during the call. 

When it comes to inbound marketing, you might wanna focus on creating content. 

So, you could create YouTube content, or even just blog content based on your niche. 

If you don’t know what kinds of topics you should cover, maybe just ask your clients. 

If you tell them that you’re making videos about SEO, they might describe some of things they don’t understand.

You can then use these responses as a source of inspiration when developing topic ideas. 

I want to make it clear that it’s important you always work on the marketing side of your business, even when you have a solid number of clients. 

If you just wait until you’ve run out of work, you might not be able to drum up enough business in time. 

This could then lead to major cash flow problems, and you might then have to close your agency. 

Section #4 — Look after your team

As mentioned earlier, if you wanna build an SEO agency, you’re probably gonna need to hire some people. 

Well, if you’re gonna build a team for your agency, it’s important you look after them. 

This might sound obvious, but what I’m trying to say here is you should make an effort to go above and beyond. 

If you take good care of your team members, the odds of them sticking around will be a lot higher.  

On top of that, they’ll also feel better about your company, and this’ll then come through when they’re interacting with clients, and even just other team members. 

So, what does it mean to take good care of your team members?

Well, first off, you just wanna make sure their needs are met. 

So, you should reach out, and ask them if there’s anything you can do to make things easier for them. 

Odds are they might have some suggestions that are fairly easy for you to implement. 

If you act on these suggestions, there’s a good chance you’ll improve overall productivity.

Sometimes, you might even just wanna ask for tips on how you can improve the way your agency operates in general. 

For example, in our agency, we have a quarterly idea competition. 

During this session, everyone can put forward ideas on how we can improve…

  • Customer outcomes
  • Retention 
  • Client acquisition.

I then give out a prize for the best idea, and this kinda helps improve the overall culture of the company and the sense that we’re all working towards the same thing.  


Hopefully, the tips in this video will help you scale your agency to the seven-figure mark 

— And if you’re not looking to scale your agency…

 I hope these tips will at least help you improve the way you run your agency.

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Julian Goldie

Julian Goldie

Hey, I'm Julian Goldie! I'm an SEO link builder and founder of Goldie Agency. My mission is to help website owners like you grow your business with SEO!


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