How long does it take for link building to work?

Usually my clients see results within 3-6 months of link building.

But some websites can see an immediate benefit. As you’ll see in the video below, a website’s traffic can spike immediately after receiving backlinks.

This can often depend on competition, your industry, the keywords you’re targeting, how many backlinks you’ve built before etc.

As you probably already know, SEO requires patience but the results are 100% worth it.

How much do you charge?

So the pricing model I use is pay on performance – that means it’s practically risk free for your business. If you don’t get links, then you won’t pay anything.

And this pricing strategy is based on the Ahrefs Domain Rating scale:

So the higher the Domain Rating, the more authority a link carries – meaning I’m incentivised to only build high quality links for your website.

You can see a list of my prices here.

Do you have any case studies?

You can check out my case studies here.

And my case studies playlist on YouTube here.

If you’re looking for reviews and testimonials, I have over 100+ testimonials here.

Plus here’s a recent example of how the backlinks I’ve built drove 275% more search engine traffic:

How many articles do I need to produce each month?

Normally, I’d aim for 5-10 links per article. This usually depends on the niche and the topic.

So you’d be publishing 1-2 skyscraper articles per month.

How many links can you build per month?

In terms of deliverables, I can scale up or scale down as much as you want to hit your deadlines.

My system for link building is very scalable.

So this really depends on your budget 🙂

Why do you use Ahrefs instead of SEMRush/Moz etc?

It’s the most comprehensive score of a website’s authority.

Some people use Moz’s DA crawler, but it isn’t as comprehensive as Ahref’s DR scale.

Ahrefs has a much bigger database of websites and they spend a million dollars a month maintaining their crawler.

For me, using DA instead of DR is like using Bing’s search engine instead of Google’s.

What is your link building technique?

So the link building strategy that I use is called the Skyscraper Technique.

It’s whitehat, ethical and it protects your website because you’re only building natural, relevant links to your website – basically by producing amazing content.

So that means I don’t use PBNs, spammy blog comments or anything else that could hurt your website.

And basically the skyscraper technique works in 4 steps:

  1. First of all, I’ll research link building opportunities in your industry and create a content calendar of skyscraper topics to write about.
  2. I’ll then create a list of prospects who have linked to that article.
  3. After that, you (or your team) will write the article and I’ll support you in ensuring it becomes a highly linkable asset.
  4. And finally, I reach out to every prospect using cold email and promote your content, building links as a result.

What link building tools do you use?

Scaling up your campaign with technology is one of the biggest challenges.

The tools I’ll use for link building will help improve efficiency, save time and maximize your campaign’s overall success.

You can see my video explanation of each tool here:

Can I have links from only Domain Rating (insert number here)?

I honestly can’t promise links from mainly DR X+ or from a minimum amount of traffic – because it’s usually a mixed bag. Some are high and some low 🙂

All of these links you’re getting are valuable – they’re relevant, a decent DR and carry link juice.

Plus if you only had links from high DR websites, your backlink profile would look unnatural to Google. That’s not a good thing 🙂

Here’s a few more reasons why you shouldn’t worry too much about DA/DR:

  • This isn’t an actual ranking factor, it’s more of a vanity metric. Google doesn’t care about DA/DR, it cares about its users
  • DR/DA metrics can easily be manipulated and artificially inflated with poor quality links
  • PBNs often have high DA/DR metrics – that doesn’t make them good links. Far from it!
  • Some websites have a relatively low DR yet they get 90,000+ organic website visitors per month. Would you really want to miss out on high quality, whitehat links from websites like this?

It’s important to not get too hung up on DR/DA metrics – and better to use common sense instead.

What’s the minimum budget you work with?

$1000 per month.

My minimum budget is in place because this budget allows me to really grow your website, improve your website’s rankings and essentially make your website more money.

And the thing is, if you’re only building a couple of links per month, you won’t see results. Plus you’ll waste a couple of months waiting for the links to have an effect, whilst you’re competitors are busy growing their websites and getting ahead of you.

Most of the time, I can’t work with a client for less than that, because I know this budget wouldn’t get them any results (but there are certain situations where it works).

Do you ever pay for backlinks?

Unfortunately, buying links is becoming increasingly more common.

However, paid links are also an opportunity.

Any paid link opportunities will be filtered for certain metrics – such as organic traffic, DR/DA, previous changes in organic traffic and the ‘link neighbourhood’,

This type of filtering is designed to ensure that any paid links will have a positive impact on your website.

Here’s my philosophy on paid links:

Can you target links from websites ONLY in certain countries?

I outreach to all international websites.

Most of the links I get are from the US.

I wouldn’t specifically target a particular country though, mainly because your number of prospects for outreach would be tiny. You want 200+ prospects per skyscraper article really.