Link Building Manipulation Technique: Get FREE Backlinks FAST!


The manipulation technique is a powerful way to build backlinks at scale:

But it’s a little more indirect and takes a bit longer than most link building techniques.

So, how can you use the Manipulation method to get as many links as possible into your website?

The Manipulation Method basically works in three simple steps:

Let me explain…

Step 1: Prospecting Sites

Find a list of relevant websites that have talked about the topic of your page that you want to build links to.

Begin by searching for sites in Google and Ahrefs that mentioned your topic.

Once you find a list of websites talking about your topic, check if their content is relevant and highly targeted.

Next, filter down the websites according to their domain ratings. 

For this method, just target websites with a DR between 30 and 70 because it requires more effort than most link building strategies.

Step 2: Outreach

It’s time to get the conversation started!

But on the first email, you’re just going to be very indirect – and even mention link building.

Just do 3 simple things:

  • Mention that you like their blog
  • Ask them an interesting question about your topic and industry
  • Mention that you have your own blog/audience

Here’s what your email should look like:

Make sure to propose a question that’s very open-ended and easy to reply to.

Step 3: Landing The Backlink

The final step is where the magic happens…

Once the website owner replies to your question, respond by letting them know that you appreciate their answer and have a similar opinion on the topic.

Like this:

Follow this up by sharing how you’ve actually produced a piece of content that actually relates to that perspective, mention that you’d love it if they would share your article.

Important note:

Make your emails seem genuine.

Ensure that every conversation is personalized to make the website owner feel that you truly value their opinions.

Also, you don’t really have to ask for the backlink straight after they reply:

You could go back and forth until you feel they’re going to be comfortable linking to you.

The more you build with a relationship with them, the more their trust will grow.

Why does this link building method work so well?

Because you’ll not only get the backlink you want, but also form a genuine and credible relationship with the website owner. 

With the Manipulation Technique, you’ll separate yourself from most generic outreach emails.


Here’s how you can optimize this campaign in the best way possible:

  1. Be genuine in your approach at all times: Give subtle compliments but don’t go over the top!
  2. Keep the relationship active: Grow your network by maintaining your relationship with these websites. Don’t just get the link and leave it at that. Keep the dialogue open, so you can get more links in the future.
  3. Always say thank you: After each backlink, make it a habit to thank the sites who linked with you.

Remember, even though it’s called the “Manipulation Technique”, you’re not really manipulating or exploiting anyone.

This technique is just a great way to build genuine relationships with website owners.