Link Building Expert: Expert Backlinks for SEO

Looking for a link building expert?

Do you want backlinks that actually increase your rankings and get you more traffic?

Want to rank #1 with SEO?

Link building is the number one way to improve your SEO rankings.

And below I’ll teach you how to build backlinks.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Why hire a link building expert?

Link building is time consuming, hard work and requires a lot of mental energy:

That’s why hiring a link building expert is key.

If you’re a website owner, you probably have a lot of plates to spin!

You’re constantly trying to grow your business, publish content, get backlinks, organize your content, manage your team, setup new sales channels etc.

It’s a full time job:

Plus time and mental energy are your 2 biggest assets as an entrepreneur.

By hiring a link building expert who can handle all the hard work for you, you’l save hundreds if not thousands of hours.

Here’s how they’ll help:

  • Prospecting the best sites to build links from.
  • Collecting website details to reach out to.
  • Validating the contact information.
  • Negotiating and bargaining with websites.
  • Optimizing your content strategy for link building.
  • Hiring a team to manage your emails for you.
  • Setting up the outreach campaign and contacting sites.

These are all the moving parts of a link building campaign:

And if you don’t get each stage right, then your whole link building strategy won’t work smoothly – it requires a lot of time, planning and managing to maintain.

Plus if you don’t get your link building right, then you’ll struggle to rank at all – and it could even backfire.

So it’s a careful balance between building backlinks but not over optimizing or doing anything unnatural.

And you can only get that right with years of experience in SEO:

Because this takes time and experience just like any aspect of marketing or business.

Do you actually need a link building expert?

Here’s the thing:

  • Your business might not be in the right niche.
  • It might be too competitive.
  • And about 50% of the time, SEO might not be right for your business.

Most SEO agencies won’t tell you this because they just want to take you on as a client as quickly as possible.

But this is precisely why we don’t take sales online:

We have an application process and we recommend booking in a call before you become a client of ours.


Because we need to run through your niche, your content and your keywords to understand exactly whether SEO is going to work for you.

If you’re in a spammy niche or anything unethical, we can’t work with you.

And if your niche is too competitive – for example something like CBD then we’d have to be extremely cautious before working together because you might have too much competition to rank.

There’s no point hiring a link building expert if SEO isn’t going to work for you in the first place.

Expert inbound link building services

At Goldie Agency, we’ve use SEO link building to improve hundreds our clients rankings with SEO.

We can help you get you natural, editorially added backlinks that actually increase your rankings and land you more organic traffic from Google.

We build links by getting you mentioned in existing content, because that’s what looks most natural to Google.

The great thing is, once you’ve signed up with us you’ll start getting backlinks within 2 weeks to kickstart the momentum on your campaign!

Plus you’ll also get:

  • Weekly SEO mastermind training
  • A personal Account Manager 
  • Weekly + monthly catch up calls
  • A full customised link building and content strategy for your website
  • Free keyword research
  • An exclusive email newsletter and Facebook group

Plus there’s much much more to our service:

Most link building experts will just build your backlinks but we go above and beyond to help you get results with SEO.

It’s not about how many backlinks you get, it’s about the results you get for your business.

We don’t want to just build your links, we want to help your business grow and help you step by step along the journey.

I personally know how difficult it is to run a business:

It’s a challenging journey and it’s hard to find the right suppliers to work with.

That’s why I created this agency and designed it to help businesses like yours grow and scale fast with free organic traffic from Google.

How do we get your backlinks?

With cold email outreach:

We prospect all the relevant, high quality sites that could potentially link back to you.

Once that’s done, we’ll reach out to those websites asking for a backlink.
What tools do we use?

We use tools like Pitchbox to get you backlinks.

This is because the tool allows us to filter your prospects quickly, finding high authority websites that would be willing to link out to you.

How can we get websites to link out to you?

We’ve negotiated building thousands of backlinks and expert team of SEOs know exactly how to ensure websites are happy to build links to your site.

It does require a lot of negotiating, back and forth etc – but that’s why we handle it all for you.

You don’t even need to setup an email address, we’ll do that for you!

What’s the best link building strategy?

We use link inserts:

Mainly because it’s how you would get backlinks naturally anyway and it gives us a lot of control over your anchor text, the websites you get a backlink from and we can ensure your backlinks are natural and relevant.

Some people like guest blogs:

We don’t recommend this approach because it takes time, there’s no guarantees your links will be published and the links are often nofollow.

So instead, we’lll get you backlinks within existing articles that are contextually relevant to your website. It’s basically content marketing:

We find the best pieces of content on your website that would attract backlinks, then we promote this content to prospects who could link to you, building backlinks as a result.

Why are we the right link building experts for you?

Without giving you the hard sales pitch or boasting about my accomplishments, here’s why:

  • We’ve worked with hundreds of websites like yours and we’re tried tested and proven
  • You’ll see hundreds of 5 star reviews from happy clients on our upwork profile
  • We’ve taken websites from literally zero organic traffic to hundreds of thousands of visitors per month
  • You’ll get high quality backlinks that are filtered and approved 3 times before they’re built
  • It doesn’t require any work on your side: We handle everything from start to finish

If you’re not 100% sure, here’s some free link building resources I’ve setup will help you get more lead, traffic and sales from Google:

How can you get started?

Here’s the thing:

Your website might not be in the right niche or industry for SEO – and it might not even be worth your time.

There’s no point setting  a campaign that’s going to rank. So this is the first step to figure out!

So how do you know if you can rank?

If you want more leads, traffic and sales from SEO, feel free to book in a call here.

It’s not a sales call where you get pressured into buying by some teleshark who’s only focused on getting their commissions:

This is a strategy session where we’ll run through your niche, your keywords, and your funnel so you can discover whether SEO is the right decision for your business.

If it is, then great – we could potentially work together!

If not, then it’d be our pleasure to stop you wasting your time with SEO because it’s better to figure that out early rather than 12 months too late! 

To book your free SEO strategy session, you can do that here.

What types of anchor text will you use?

Anchor text is crucial for your campaign:

Over optimize and you could land a Google penalty that stops you from ranking.

Under optimize or choose the wrong anchor text and no matter how good the backlinks you’re getting are, they won’t have an impact on your results.

So that’s why we have a team of link building experts who carefully select and diversify your anchor text to get you the best backlinks possible:

This takes a lot of time and careful planning to get right.

That’s why we actually have a 3 layer approval system where your backlinks don’t get built until our team has carefully selected and verified the best anchor text for your backlinks.

This way every link counts and you get the best anchor text possible!

Can’t I just buy backlinks from Fiverr?

Here’s the issue:

If you’re building backlinks from – they’re cheap but they’re also potentially toxic for your site!

You would be taking a massive risk with the future of your business:

Because every website has a certain level of authority and reputation in the eyes of Google – and if you get this wrong then it’s very hard and frustrating to fix – plus it’ll cost you a lot more to hire an expert who can remove toxic links from your backlink profile.

Some websites never recover from a Google penalty – or you might have to wait months before the next Google core update.

And that means whilst you’re trying to fix what’s broken, your competitors are busy getting leads and building their sites authority with high quality backlinks – if you fall behind, it’s hard to catch up.

So that’s why it’s better to hire cautiously and pick the right link building supplier:

You probably wouldn’t hire a CEO for your business from Fiverr, why would you hire someone to manage your SEO strategy from there?

One good decision now saves a thousand decisions later.

Additionally, anyone on the internet can setup a Fiverr gig and say they’re a link building expert but how do you really know?

How can you really test their ability to pick the right prospects, anchor text and get the results you want?

It takes months to get results with SEO:

And it would be extremely frustrating as a business owner to find out after 3 months that the work they’re hired someone to do isn’t up to the quality they need.

Then you’d have to start the hiring process all over again!