How To Land FREE DR50 Guest Blog Backlinks With Outreach


How do you pitch to websites (with domain ratings of 50 and above) and land free guest blog backlinks?

The guy I sent a previous pitch to was a very busy man. But because of the high quality content I had been writing on my site, he was more than happy to accept my offer and do a guest post  for me.

And in this article, you will learn exactly how to land high quality guest blogs and backlinks..

Since I have been pitching in for guest blogs recently, I also know how to land them.  In this article I will share a step-by-step technique that will guarantee you land guest blogs and get more backlinks to your site

Step 1: Create A List Of Prospects

If you want to land high quality backlinks, you should start by creating a list of prospects.

On a spreadsheet, you can list websites and rank them according to their domain rating. Also place the link to their site, the email to contact them (or any contact form available), and the status or progress you’ve made contacting the website. 

For example, you might want to get guest blogs from sites mentioning SEO in their content, so you would go for the most relevant prospects and begin creating a list.

Step 2: Start Pitching

I have created a copywriting template that my virtual assistants could use to contact websites and land a guest blog. I would suggest doing this as well so you can just conveniently copy and paste it into each email, send it to relevant people, pitch, and then land a guest blog. 

Here are tips that will help you in copywriting:

  1. The subject line should be generic but interesting. For example:

“SUBJECT: Interested in working with you…”

  1. Address the relevant person by his/her first name (If you can find it on the contact details).
  2.  Get straight to the point. Make it relatively short but personalized. 

You could also mention a recent article your prospect published on their site because this shows that you’ve actually read their content and aren’t just randomly emailing them.

For example, tell them why you enjoyed their article and that you think some of your articles might work as guest blogs for them.

  1. Suggest relevant article topics you could guest blog about. Add two or more entries. Make sure they’re all well-written and interesting.
  2. Don’t forget to put the URL of at least one of the guest blogs (if any) you’ve done before. So, if the website owner you are pitching to clicks on the link, they will see that you know how to write guest blogs because you’ve actually landed them before. 

Step 3: Do A Follow-Up Email

Not everyone is going to respond to your first email pitch. If this happens, you could send another follow-up email a week later. Make sure the follow-up email is not too intrusive but simply reminds them of the previous email you sent pitching for guest blogs. 

Step 4: Do A FINAL Follow-Up Email

If ever the website owner still doesn’t respond to the first follow-up email you sent them, seven days later, it’s time to send the last email. Make sure it’s super easy to read by keeping it short, concise, and straight to the point. 

Inside that final follow-up email, make sure it’s obvious that you’re not going to keep contacting them. Clearly communicate that this is the last chase-up email you will send. 


If you want to start landing guest blogs for your site, you can follow this simple rinse-and-repeat process. I recommend that you create a unique version of the email template that you use. This way, website owners don’t feel like they’ve seen a similar pitch before.

If you believe that the content you write about or the content you outsource is great and interesting, you should definitely start pitching for guest blogging. If you follow the steps, I’ve shown above, landing high quality backlinks and guest blogs for your site will be 100% guaranteed.