Link Building Prospecting: Build HIGH Quality Backlinks with Outreach

Link Building Prospecting

In this article I am going to teach you the best way to do link building prospecting for getting high quality backlinks.

Link building prospecting is so crucial for your outreach campaign. When it comes to prospecting, it’s not the most glamorous, rock and roll job in the world. But, if you do it properly, you will be able to get much higher quality links.

As a result of better backlinks, you will also get much better results from SEO.

Link Building Prospecting

The first step in link building prospecting is to review backlink profiles on Ahrefs.

You select a blog on Ahrefs that you want scrape. Once you have checked their backlink profile, you can see everyone who linked to this page.

If you are link building, you can reach out to them and say, “Hey, would you consider linking to us, too?”, and go from there.

Filters for Prospecting

If you go to the backlinks section on Ahrefs, you can filter the list of links down. This is important, because otherwise there is going to be loads of duplicates (50,000 or so).

If you do one link per domain to cut out duplicates, then that figure is going to be much lower.

So, when you’re prospecting, choose dofollow links only. If you’re reaching out to websites that give out nofollow links, they aren’t really that valuable and it’s not worth your time doing the outreach.

You can also filter by platform, language and traffic. In fact, if you really want to be strict on the quality of websites, then you could filter further by choosing 100 as minimum traffic for a site.

The result would narrow down from 12,000 to <200 dofollow domains. If you only want high quality websites, then this is a very quick way of filtering it down.

However, if you don’t want to do that, you can export the data as a spreadsheet. You can then upload the spreadsheet you just downloaded to Google Sheets. This will import a list of everyone who is linked to your competitor.

You can then review your prospect list before you do outreach, by filtering to only show the websites with high quality, and remove the scrap.

Another way to filter is by Domain Rating.

To do this, go to data, sort range, and then sort by Domain Rating to remove sites that have incredibly low DR. If you have DR50, getting links from DR5 or DR10 is not going to move the needle that much for your website.

You can remove the low DR sites completely if you want, and then you are left with high DR websites.

Checking the relevance of backlinks

Another tip for ensuring you are only getting quality backlinks is to scroll down the list you have, and make sure that the links you are getting are from relevant sites.

If we look at the referring pages, and the URL, some of them are not going to be that relevant to your niche.

You can also remove links to homepages, because most people are not going to link to you from the homepage. What you would normally do is go through the whole list and get rid of all the homepages.

In fact, if you only reach out to homepages to try to get links, most of the time, they are going to say no. When it comes to link outreach, it is important to remember that you only get one shot.

You might decide to save these prospects for another time until you can find a more relevant page link.

Language filters

Some of these websites are not going to be in English. And if you are reaching out about a page that is in English to a non-English website, chances are that they are not going to understand you.

Because they don’t understand you, they are not going to link to you either.

Any websites that are not in your language, you can just get rid of. You can go through the whole list and filter out any sites that are in a foreign language. It will save you a lot of time.

Avoiding irrelevant sites

You should carefully avoid sites that seem dodgy. Maybe they are gambling sites, casinos, or spam websites. They could also, by chance, be linked to the prospects you were scraping. You want to filter out anything that looks irrelevant.

You can press <Ctl> and <F>, type in a few keywords, and filter out anything that looks dodgy.

For example, you might choose to filter casino. To be honest, you probably want to remove them because casino links are not good for your site. You do not want to be associated with them in your backlink profile.

This is an important link building mistake you should avoid while prospecting.

What you can do is create a list of keywords, or sanity checks you can make and find before you finalize your prospect sheet.

Also, scroll through the referring Page Title, and make sure that the sites you’re reaching out to are actually relevant to the content you are going to be promoting and building links to.

Once you have done the required filters, when you scroll through and the remaining pages are all about SEO, this is a good sign.

But, let’s say you are promoting a page that is about link-building SEO, or On-Page SEO, reaching out to a page that’s talking about local SEO may not be relevant to you.

Zero-in on High Quality sites

Basically, you want to end up with a relevant list of high quality sites that you actually want links from. There is no point in reaching out to sites you don’t want to link from. It is also better for your back-link profile, if you stick to high quality sites.

At a granular level, you can check out the actual site and make sure it’s real, rather than a spam site that has been designed just to sell back links.

Scroll through the content, have a read of it, and check if it is good quality. Figure out if it has a lot of content, is unique, and nicely designed.

Make sure that it is not just a page that has been created as spam or for back links, because this is probably not a site you want to reach out to.

You can also check the site’s domain, and make sure that it’s actually getting some traffic.

If the site isn’t getting traffic, then the chances are Google doesn’t like it. And if Google does not like that page, then you probably don’t want to link from it either.

What you can do is load that domain into Ahrefs, check out its organic traffic. If a site is getting 2,000 above organic visitors per month it is considered decent.

Check for Organic Growth

You can also look into a websites history to check it’s organic growth. You can do an organic filter search to find out.

Is this website’s organic traffic on the right path? Has it taken a penalty at some point? It’s quite normal to have some drops occasionally, but overall the amount of traffic should be increasing exponentially.

It’s also important to make sure the site is not doing anything unnatural.

If you see the number of referring domains gradually increasing over time, it’s likely natural progress. If you see a sudden spike within few days, and it built a hundred links in one day, then it’s probably not link building naturally.

Try to avoid any sites that use unnatural link-building methods for their website. Chances are, the website is going to receive a penalty at some point, so you don’t want to get links from them.

Finally, when it comes to Link Building Prospecting, remember that it takes time, but it is 100% worth it in terms of results. The more you put into your prospecting, the better the results you are going to get.

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