7 Devastating Link Building Mistakes To Avoid (IMPORTANT)


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Link building is one of the most important ranking factors for your website.

But if you get this wrong, it could destroy your website.

In fact, if you get it totally wrong, you could lose all your rankings overnight and receive a google penalty.

That means that you could lose all your rankings, traffic, and hard work too.

In this blog, I’ll teach you 7 link building tactics to avoid, the reasons why, and how to avoid them.

Make sure you read to the end:

Because I’ll show my best link building tactics that 10x’d the traffic on my website.

Link Building Mistakes

Mistake 1: Buying Backlinks On Fiverr

Never buy backlinks on Fiverr!


If you’re not familiar with Fiverr, it’s a marketplace for people to buy and sell goods.

One of the most popular services on its website is backlinks.

But the backlinks on there are cheap and nasty…

Sure, with Fiverr you can buy in quantity:

But these aren’t the types of links that’ll help grow your site.

When it comes to backlinks, it’s not about quantity – it’s about quality.

And you definitely don’t get that on Fiverr.

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Mistake 2: Building Blackhat Backlinks

Blackhat backlinks will do more harm than good.

Sure, they’re easy to get hold of – but they won’t help your site.

And if you’re buying backlinks from blackhat sites, this sends signals to Google that you’re associated to a network of low quality websites.

Blackhat backlinks aren’t exclusive – anyone can buy them.

And the truth is, if anyone can buy them, they’re not worth much.

Useful: HARO Backlinks: Build Links With HARO (Fast)!

Mistake 3: PBNs (Private Blog Network)

Mistake #3 is using private blog networks.

PBNs are so damn dodgy.

What is a PBN?

It’s where you buy expired domains, and then link them to your money pages.

These days, Google can easily see if you’re using a network of PBNs.

So PBNs are a big link building mistake to avoid.

And they’re one of the most common causes of a manual action penalty.

Here’s what surprises me:

There are so many people out there still recommending PBNs.

And quite often, they talk about the ‘smart way’ to do this.

But there is no smart way to use PBNs.

Honestly, the smart way is just to avoid them completely:

And instead you can use the link building tactics I’ll show you at the end of this blog.

Mistake 4: Press Release (PR) Websites

Press Release sites are terrible for getting backlinks.


Because press release sites are websites you pay for a backlink.

Anyone can get a link from these sites – because the links aren’t editorially added.

All you have to do is simply upload an article to a PR site and call it a press release.

And in reality, these types of sites are filled with new announcements of the latest Viagra pills!

And that’s not a website you want to be associated with.

So what’s the alternative?

Use HARO instead.

HARO is an amazing platform for getting backlinks to your site that are high quality/high authority.

See the video below for more tips on landing backlinks from HARO:

Mistake 5: Business Directories

Business directories are like little relics of the Internet.

Even if you hired your grandma as a link builder, she’s not even going to use these.


Because they’re such an old school way of building links.

But if you look at a lot of articles about link building, they still prescribe business directories.

And that’s terrible advice.

So don’t waste your time with them, because they offer NO authority/value.

Mistake 6: Blog Comments

Blog comments are like Marmite:

Because I can’t figure out whether I love or hate them.

But let me be clear:

For link building, blog comment backlinks WILL NOT help you…

At the same time, if you want to:

  • Build a relationship with a webmaster
  • Generate more trust with other sites
  • Land link building opportunities by contacting other sites

Then blog comments are useful.

So avoid blog comments for directly building backlinks.

But at the same time, blog comments are useful if you want to build trust and relationships with webmasters.

Mistake 7: Automated Software

So #7 is using automated software, to get backlinks.

The gods of Google have spoken in their webmaster guidelines:

You must avoid automated link building if you don’t want a manual action penalty.

So don’t use software to build links.

Links that you earn are far more valuable:

In fact, I’d recommend focusing on link building outreach instead.

My Top 3 Whitehat Link Building Tactics

So, I’ve given you loads of advice on what not to do when it comes to link building…

And you’re probably thinking:

“How am I supposed to get whitehat backlinks to my site?”

Here’s the top 3 tactics I recommend – with a link to a tutorial on each:

  1. HARO
  2. Audio link building
  3. The skyscraper technique

Or just watch the video below:

Julian Goldie

Julian Goldie

Hey, I'm Julian Goldie! I'm an SEO link builder and founder of Goldie Agency. My mission is to help website owners like you grow your business with SEO!


Get free, instant access to our SEO video course, 120 SEO Tips, ChatGPT SEO Course, 999+ make money online ideas and get a 30 minute SEO consultation!

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