Audio SEO Link Building: Land High DR Backlinks WITHOUT Writing Content!


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These days white-hat link building outreach is becoming harder than ever.

It’s extremely competitive:

So many websites are doing guest blogging and the skyscraper technique.

And this means it’s HARDER than ever to make your content stand out across a sea of outreach emails.

So in this guide, I’ll teach you 1 new link building method I’ve been experimenting with:

And I’ve not actually seen anyone else do it yet.

So if you want more links to your site, keep reading to discover my blueprint.

It’s a link building technique that I call Audio Link Building.

How to Land High DR Backlinks WITHOUT Writing Any Content

You may be asking, “What the hell is audio link building?”

This is basically where you reach out to a webmaster, and you say: 

Hey! Loved your blog! It was a great piece of content. In fact, I liked it so much that I recorded an audio version of it. Now, where should I send the file?

Then you’ll record an audio version of the webmaster’s blog (once they reply to you).

When you send over the embeddable MP3, include a credit backlink to your site.

For example, it might say “recorded by Joe blogs” underneath.

See screenshot example below:

It’s a win-win deal for both you and the webmaster:

You get a backlink and the website gets a free audio version of their blog.

Why does this work so well?

  • It makes their content more engaging
  • Audio is easier to consumer VS reading
  • Overall, it’s win-win for both you and the other website

Be unique:

When everyone else is using the skyscraper technique or offering guest posts, this is a very unique way of differentiating your outreach campaign.

Basically, you won’t just blend in like everyone else.

I’ve not seen any other site trying this:

But it’s a technique that I’d recommend to you.

It’s landed me tons of backlinks far, and that’s why I’ve created this tutorial.

How Does The Process Work Step-By-Step?

There are basically 4 stages to Audio Link Building.

Let’s jump in…

Step #1: Prospect High Quality, Relevant Sites

Create a prospect list of high-quality websites that you want to get a link back from.

Creating an audio version of a blog is time consuming:

So filter this list to high-quality websites ONLY.

How? Look at:

And don’t waste your time creating audios for spammy blogs!

Step #2: Outreach To Your Prospects

Now you’ve got your prospects, it’s time to send the email.

Your email copy might look something like this: 

“Hey! I loved your blog. I liked it so much, I recorded an audio version of it. Where should I send the email?”

Need some tips for link building outreach copywriting?

Check out this guide:

Think about the approach:

Don’t create the MP3 file straight away.


Because not everyone is going to respond to you.

…And not everyone is going to see your email outreach.

Instead, it’s a lot more efficient to ask them to reply first and then ask:

“Where should I send your audio?” rather than sending the MP3 over straight away.

Step #3: Record The Audio

Next up, once the website replies to your email, you should create the content.

So you’re going to record an audio version of their blog:

If you don’t want to personally record it, you could easily outsource this via Fiverr.

That way you’re much more time-efficient:

…Rather than you recording every single MP3 version of someone’s blog.

It might cost a few bucks, but the time you save is worth it.

USEFUL: If you’re going to record the audio yourself, use Audacity for the job. Then upload the MP3 to Soundcloud.

Step #4: Send The Code (With A Link Included)

And we’re onto the final step!

Send your embeddable code to the webmaster to put on their website. 

How should you do this?

  • Create the HTML code
  • Embed the MP3 file inside the HTML
  • Add a backlink with a credit back to your site (see example of the code below)

Then the website owner can easily copy and paste this code straight onto their site.

Don’t how to get started?

Check out the HTML code I’ve used below:

embedded code

Why make the code yourself?

This way, all the webmaster has to do is literally copy and paste the code onto their site.

It’s super easy for them to add it and doesn’t take them much time at all.

Overall, the more convenient you make this, the more success you’ll have.

How To Land More Backlinks With This Technique?

The first thing you should do is optimize your response rates.

Higher response rates = more backlinks.

There’s are a few ways you can optimize your campaign to boost your response rates:

  • Keep it really informal and polite when you send out the email
  • Start off with a compliment about their blog by saying how good it is
  • Don’t use any spammy words that’ll land you in the junk inbox

Need some more tips? Check out my guide here to email deliverability.

Personalise Your Email Copy

If you can pinpoint something personal about their website, you’ll see better results.

E.g. Mention one of their recent blogs and why you liked it.

The more personalized you make this, the more likely someone is to respond.

Keep It Efficient

Ask where to send the audio file first:

DON’T start creating those audio files before the website responds back to you.


As I mentioned before, don’t waste your time recording audios that won’t be used.

Instead, wait for the response first and make sure that in the email you say:

Hey, where should I send the audio?”

This is a nice CTA:

And it makes it very easy for the webmaster to reply to your email too.

Does Audio Link Building Actually Work?

So what were the results like?

Audio link building is actually very efficient.

Let’s compare it to the skyscraper technique:

With the skyscraper technique, you might send out 00s emails before you get 1 link back.

With the audio link building, I actually built 20 links in two weeks.

And these were high-quality links, from websites with a lot of traffic and a decent DR.


It’s definitely a link building method that I would recommend.

Especially if you’re a bit bored with the skyscraper technique or you like to experiment.

Wondering whether link building actually works? Check out this video case study:

What Are The Benefits Of Audio Link Building?

  1. Easy: As you can see from the tutorial above, it’s fairly straightforward to setup.
  1. You don’t have to create any content: There’s not much creativity involved here. And all you have to do is record an audio version of someone’s pre-written blog.
  1. The audio link building technique is unique: Webmasters are bombarded with hundreds of emails per day. The audio link building method makes you stand out.

    It’s win-win too:

    Because the webmaster gets a free audio version of their blog and you get a backlink to your site.

    Click here learn more about the benefits of backlinks.
  1. You have an unlimited number of prospects: Any website that has published content relevant to your niche is a potential link building opportunity.
  1. You can get links to either your money pages or your home page: Home page links are rare!

    But the audio link building technique is perfect for building links to your homepage/sales page.

How Can You Get The Best Results Possible?

Tip #1: Respect Copyright Laws

Be very careful with copyright laws. 

If you’re going to record an audio version of someone’s blog, make sure you have the webmasters permission first before you send it over.

Don’t just start recording. That’s a legal risk you don’t want to take.

That’s why I recommend contacting the webmaster and asking where to send the audio first, before you actually record it.

Tip #2: Test The Embeddable HTML Code

Make sure that you test and check if the embedded code is working properly:

BEFORE you send it.

This is easy to get wrong…

And sending broken code to the webmaster will create a kink in your link building funnel.

So just ‘sanity check’ it first.

Tip #3: Optimize Voice Quality

Make sure that the voice quality is optimized.

DO NOT send low quality audio:

Use a proper microphone and listen back to it with headphones.

Julian Goldie

Julian Goldie

Hey, I'm Julian Goldie! I'm an SEO link builder and founder of Goldie Agency. My mission is to help website owners like you grow your business with SEO!


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