5 Deadly Cold Email Mistakes You Need To Avoid (And How To Avoid Them!)

Cold email outreach is one of the most powerful marketing tools for your business, if you know to use it right. But the problem is that most marketers get it wrong and fail pretty much every single campaign due to cold email mistakes.

In this article, I am going to talk about five cold email outreach mistakes you have to avoid, and how to avoid them. It is going to be extremely useful if you are thinking about running a cold email campaign. 

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5 Cold Email Mistakes You Need to Avoid 

Mistake #1 Boring email outreach

this image shows boring cold email outreach as one of the cold email mistakes

The mistake number one when it comes to email outreach is being too dull. You are trying to network and make friends here with email outreach. You are trying to grow your network. 

In addition to that, meet people you can grow with your system.

One problem is, you are not writing to the queen here. So, you do not need to be overly formal. 

You do not need to say, “Dear Sir” or “Yours Sincerely” on an email because you should imagine this like talking to a friend. It is like talking to a friend you are trying to grow with your business. 

What do I recommend instead?

Be really informal and avoid email templates. Avoid the templates you find online for email marketing because they are bad and pretty boring. 

I am sure you can come up with something more original that is actually going to make much more impact when you reach out to someone. 

Avoid making your cold email outreach dull. Create fun, light-hearted, and entertaining to read emails. Include jokes or even puns. 

Including these to your cold email outreach will go so much further than using generic, boring, and overly formal ones. 

Mistake #2 Not following up on cold email campaign

this image shows not following up on email campaign

Next, another huge mistake I see, people do not follow up on a cold email campaign. They might send around 100 cold emails but fail to follow up on them. 

These people do not send around two or three chase-up emails just to make sure they are not being ignored. 

You have to be persistent with cold email. 

I do not mean like stalking someone and emailing them every day. Just send one chase-up email for two or three times, maybe once a week to people you are trying to contact.

Here is the thing, if someone ignores the first email, you cannot take it personally. Everyone is busy these days, and they probably have more important things to do. 

Therefore, you have to keep following up with them. Keep chasing and be persistent in making sure that your message is in the back of their minds. Eventually, they will reply to you.

For example, with my own cold email campaigns. 

I usually do not get a reply until the third time. This is why I get a lead back or backlink through or with a new affiliate.

You definitely have to chase, follow up, and be persistent with cold email. 

Mistake #3 Not sending enough emails

this picture shows not sending enough email as mistake for cold emails

Another huge problem I see that people do when it comes to cold email is not sending enough emails. 

I mean, if you send five or ten cold emails and you do not get a reply, or you do not get the results you need, then it is because you only sent a few. You did not send enough yet, and you have really need to scale up your campaign.

For example, if I am link building for a client, then I usually send around 100 emails a day. Potentially, I do this to make sure that I get the volume of responses that I need back. 

With cold emails, it is a number’s game. You do not have to spam the whole internet, but you have to scale up if you really want to see results. 

One great thing is, when you have a software like Hunter.io or hourly software like Lemlist, then scaling up is very easy. You can automate, and it does not take a lot of manual time. 

Mistake #4 Lack of productivity with cold email management

this picture show checking email on the phone when you should not leads to lack of productivity with cold emails

Another cold email mistake and with email in general is it can make you very unproductive if you are not careful. The last thing you want to do is sitting behind your laptop all day, waiting for emails to come through. 

You have to be productive with how you manage your time. If you are sending 100 emails a day, you will get a fair few responses. If you are not careful, these responses can swamp all of your time. 

How do you manage them? I recommend the following:

  • Check your inbox once a day
  • Remove email notifications off your phone because this will bother you while doing other tasks

When it comes to cold email, a lot of emails that you are sending as a response are the same or very similar. 

This is why I recommend creating a bank of canned responses. You can save these responses to send in various situations. In G Suite or in Gmail, you can save your answers quickly. 

Mistake #5 Hindered email deliverability

this image shows junk mail where your cold email will go if you are not careful

Finally, when you are doing cold email, something that can make or break your campaign is email deliverability. If you mess this up, you are wasting your time.

You have to make sure that the emails you send actually go through to the people you want them to see. That is not easy these days because of spam filters.

If you mentioned that you are a Nigerian prince in your email, obviously, you are going to get blocked right away by spam filters. 

Be very careful about the words you send. Make sure you are not sending spam. 

What can you do to avoid this?

Do not use words like free, special offer or sale in your cold email. This is going to trigger spam filters and land you in the junk box. 

Technically, if you are feeling more adventurous, you can use Deakin Records. You can also use DMARC Records, and add an SPF record to your cold email server. This will make it a lot in terms of email deliverability. 

Email deliverability is something you can focus on, and it is essential. 

To sum it up

When it comes to cold email outreach, these are all my top tips on avoiding mistakes including the following.

  • Boring cold email outreach
  • Not following up on cold email campaign
  • Not sending enough emails
  • Lack of productivity with cold email management
  • Hindered email deliverability

These are all very important to avoid. But, there are also many other things you can focus on.