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Link building services help you save time in optimizing your website with the various SEO tools and metrics to boost your business. There are different types of these services that are widely available today for beginners and webmasters alike. You must know which link building service is right for you to get the most out of your SEO strategy.

This post will focus on the top 3 link building services that prove to work great results. Each will give its features and benefits to help you decide which one suits you best for your website SEO projects.


HARO stands for “help a reporter out.” This unique journalistic platform gives you the opportunity to connect and build a lasting relationship with a journalist. You will then pitch and write for them as a source. They will feature your story and get published. You now get a backlink in the process. It works best for link building as it gives your website the credibility you need. So, is this free or costly?

How it works

HARO has both its free and paid plans that users can choose from. You need to join as a source to get started here. Once your account is verified, you will receive three emails each day. These are composed of queries that the reporter needs to finish for the story. These could be in the form of case studies, strategy, statistics, or quotes.

What you need to do is to reply to the query with useful information that they can use for the story. If they like the information you gave them, they will contact you to feature your story in their report. Getting backlinks is the price they pay you for that. You also get the chance to build credibility and long-lasting relationships to boost your website.

Plans & Pricing

There are four existing HARO plans to choose from. It has a free plan and three paid plans. These range from $19 up to $149 for premium subscription. Paid plans come with early access to keyword alerts and queries.


  • You get amazing backlinks from popular blogs and news sites. These sites have higher domain authority like DA 90 or even higher. 
  • HARO is free or cheaper than any other link building service.
  • You can be sure that you are free from Google penalties. It’s because higher DR comes from authoritative sites. 
  • It lets you get started FAST, almost in an instant


  • It’s a GRIND replying to HARO queries. This is because your reply or pitch may or may not be picked by journalists. 
  • You or someone from the team needs to do the leg work as there’s no such option as the “set it or forget it.”
  • The links you’ll get from HARO mostly go to your homepage. The chance of getting links to internal pages and indexing is quite low.

Content Marketing and SEO Agencies

The role of getting the services of agencies is to ensure that they provide well-rounded professional link building services. SEO and content marketing agencies work hand in hand to make sure your website is highly optimized for increasing targeted traffic, hits, conversions, sales and even getting higher ROI over the course of your online business presence.

Content marketing agencies ensure that you get high-quality, evergreen, and relevant content for SEO purposes and to level up your brand and business. While content is the focus of content marketing, SEO agencies help optimize the content of the site’s web pages for better ranking in SERPs.

How Content Marketing Agencies Work

Hiring a content marketing agency gives you two usual options. You can either hire them on a monthly basis and agree on a payment schedule. It could be done weekly, bi-monthly or at the end of the month. Another option is that you can hire the agency and pay for every article they post to your site.

Paying a content marketing agency for every content usually has its drawbacks than hiring them on a monthly basis at an agreed payment schedule. This is because quality may be compromised as they are just considered for every content piece and not the whole blog or website itself. Your monthly investment on a reputable content marketing agency is definitely worth it as these agencies focus on quality over quantity. 

You can also choose to get involved in the content creation process. Make sure to give the agency’s content writers the full editorial guidelines you require for your website and blog.

You may also opt to hire them for content promotion or get their service package with content promotion in it. If not, you’ll end up doing it yourself or hire somebody else to do it.

SEO agencies + content marketing agencies = higher ranking websites on SERPs.


  • SEO agencies charge from $500/month to $5k/month. 
  • Content marketing agencies charge from $5k to $20k per month.
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Outreach Services

Blogger outreach services may come from an individual or agency promoting content with outreach and manual link building.  With this type of service, the agency identifies bloggers you need to reach out to. They find their email addresses, follow them and search for their contact numbers. Other agencies will also let you tap in their Rolodex of editors and bloggers.


  • Email outreach is a purely a white hat SEO technique that is safe as long as you don’t spam. 
  • Blogger outreach services let you get solid gold, high-quality white-hat links. 
  • You just pay for results.
  • If backlinks are just what you want, then this is the ideal service for you.


  • Some SEO companies do not include blogger outreach services as they are not on a full-scale service.
  • Bloggers may require you to publish your own content.
  • Your link may be added to PBN websites and not to REAL ones.


Each quality link can cost you around $200.


Help a Reporter Out or HARO, content marketing and SEO agencies, as well as blogger outreach services tops the list of the highly recommended link building services to consider for your website’s growth and ongoing success. Each of these have their pros and cons that business owners need to be aware of. The key is to look for the best option that perfectly matches your niche and your particular needs in link building services.

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