The Biggest SEO Mistake You Should Avoid


Are you new to SEO? Have you built a website, but aren’t getting any traffic? Have you been pumping out content with no results? Today, I’m going to teach you the biggest SEO mistake that you should avoid.

Unfortunately, it’s a common mistake that gets made by almost all webmasters, which is not focusing on conversion.

So, if you don’t want to make that mistake, make sure you keep reading because it will help you get more leads, traffic, and sales to your website with SEO. Let’s get started.

What Is The Biggest SEO Mistake You Should Avoid?

The biggest SEO mistake you should avoid is not monetizing your traffic. When people build a website, they don’t often think about how they’re going to monetize that traffic.

You may see the headlines about getting hundreds of thousands of visitors to your site. But if you don’t know how to convert that traffic into sales into money, then what’s the point of them coming to your site?

If you look at my linking building website, this site doesn’t get that much traffic. Honestly, it might get a few thousand per month. However, our content converts most of our readers into paying clients. As a result, we have a higher profit margin from the traffic we get.

And why is this? Because we figured out how to monetize the content before we created any of it. We thought about the average lifetime value of a client, which calculated how much to spend on content. Then we started publishing several articles per week, that will be profitable for years to come.

biggest seo mistake you should avoid

How To Monetize Your Niche

If you’re going to get any sort of SEO traffic, always reverse engineer the process. Think about:

  • How you’re going to turn your content into money.
  • What the purpose is for getting people to your website
  • What your visitors are going to buy.

Whether you are getting traffic to your website, paying for ads, or you build an email list, not thinking about how you’re going to monetize this traffic is by far the biggest SEO mistake you should avoid. And if you can figure that out first, you are miles ahead of 99% of website owners.

Do Keyword Research

The first thing I’d recommend is doing some keyword research and looking at what are people searching for that you can monetize in your industry. Then, you can find out how to do it.

For example, if your gardening website ranks for “the best lawn mower in 2021”, you can monetize the article by linking to other products people can buy. You could link to affiliate products, and it’s much easier to monetize.

Always look at the search terms and keywords you want to rank for before you create any content. Also, figure out the business value of the content you’re creating. If you can do that, you’re going to make much more money from every single article you create.

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