Land High DR Backlinks WITH Video Outreach


How do you get backlinks straight to your sales page while using video outreach? In this article, you will learn exactly how to do this.

If you want to get free, high quality backlinks that can actually boost your website’s rankings easily, follow the step-by-step blueprint below.

Step 1: Begin Prospecting

The first thing to do is to reverse-engineer to find content relevant to your niche that is already getting links. Start by going to and use the Content Explorer to find topics in your niche  that already get a lot of links. 

For example, when I was building backlinks in my link building agency’s website, I specifically wanted to focus on SEO. Through the Content Explorer in, I searched for the in-title keyword “link building”. 

By doing this I discovered that the content relating to this topic that gets the most links is content that explores link building strategies. This told me that if I created a video talking about the same topic, I could get a lot of links.

Step 2: Create Your Video

The next step is to create your video. This could be an animation, a vlog or an interview. Create whatever type of video you think will fit with the topic. 

In my example, I created this video about guest posting for SEO, where I talked about how to get loads of backlinks.

Basically, it’s a link building strategy that I knew I had already tried and tested myself which means that I could quickly create a video about it. The video itself is actually pretty simple. It’s just a vlog talking about my experience.

It is important to remember to make a video that’s interesting, with a unique angle on the topic. And of course, it should also be engaging and compelling to the people watching it. 

Step 3: Reach Out To Your Prospects

The next step is to reach out to all of the prospects you identified in step one.  You could email them and share the details of your video and your interest in linking to their website.

Ideally, you want them to embed your video on their site. 

After creating the video about guest posting for SEO, I then needed to do email outreach. I sent cold emails offering a link. I actually used a very simple template in my emails. While you can create a more creative template, I would still say that the simpler ones are better.

By getting videos embedded into other sites, you could get free publicity, potentially land sales, increase your brand awareness, and get more video views. 

Step 4: Ask For Credit As A Backlink

The final step is to ask for credit for the video as a backlink to your site. This shouldn’t be too hard because the website that’s embedding your video should also want to credit you for the hard work and effort you put into creating it…

It may be as simple as them placing a credit underneath the embedded video such as; “this video was created by Julian Goldie” or “Source:” and then the link to your homepage. 

Those are the four easy steps for video link building outreach. As you can see in my examples, it’s very easy to get backlinks straight to your sales page with this technique.

And although only very few people used this method, it’s something that I have personally tested and it has proven successful. Now it’s time to test and prove it yourself.