3 NEW Ways to Get SEO Clients for your Marketing Agency


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In this article, I’m gonna cover how you can get clients for your marketing agency. 

If you’ve been thinking about starting an agency, or you already run a small one, I know you’ve probably seen a lot of articles like this. 

But, I just want to say that I’ve actually built an SEO firm to over 7-figures, so I know what I’m talking about, and I’ve got the results to back things up. 

When it comes to advice on how you can get clients for your marketing company — I can definitely help out here!

This article is gonna cover several tactics you can use to get clients for your agency.

Some of them are twists on old existing methods, while others are actually kind of new tactics that many people aren’t really using at the moment.  

For example, in section #3 I’m gonna show you a new approach that you might not have even considered, even though it’s sitting in plain sight. 

Let’s get started!

Option #1 — YouTube Content and Ads

The first approach I wanna cover here is YouTube marketing. 

I say YouTube “marketing,” because there are basically two ways you can use YouTube to get clients for your agency. 

The other option is to create ads that target your ideal customers. 

Anyhow, let’s go over these two methods to get a rough sense of how/why they work!

Youtube Content

Okay, so first, let’s look at creating YouTube content.

Creating content on YouTube works well for a number of different reasons. 

First off, when creating YouTube content, you’re gonna be showing people that you have some knowledge and expertise when it comes to SEO. 

This is great because if people are interested in hiring a marketing firm, they’re gonna want to hire someone that is an expert. 

SEO tactics

…best practices


Or even just your own results with SEO… 

Viewers will realize you actually know a thing or two about search engine optimization. 

As a result, if these viewers have SEO issues, they’ll probably feel as though you’re someone that can help them.

…And this then means they might then reach out, and ask for help (aka become a client). 

Plus, on top of that, I just wanna say that unfortunately a lot of agency owners don’t have much SEO knowledge…

… Even though they’re running an SEO firm. 

Lots of people have been burned by these kinds of firms in the past, and so they’re often wary of hiring another company unless they have a good reason to do so. 

Because of this…If you can show potential clients you have actual expertise, it’s quite easy to separate yourself from the crowd….

…And gain the trust of someone who has been burned by a bad agency. 

So, with all that said, what should you create videos about?

Well, earlier, we did cover a few topics you might wanna focus on when creating YouTube content. 

But, if that was a bit too vague, you might want some advice that’s a bit more specific… 

Ok, so, if your company caters to a specific niche…

… It might be a good idea to start by creating content that focuses on that sector. 

For example, if you work with dentists, you might want to create YouTube SEO content specifically for dentists. 

At the most basic level, this is gonna make your content more meaningful for your target audience. 

I mean, if a dentist finds a video about keyword research that’s specific to dentists…

The advice in that video is probably gonna be a lot more actionable than a generic video about SEO. 

Plus, the fact that you’ve actually created specific content like this…

Also shows you know how to get results in a certain niche. 

Which is key if you’re going after a specific kind of client. 
On top of that…

Creating content that focuses on a certain market…

Also improves the odds of your target audience, actually finding your content. 

After all, if a dentist is looking for “SEO keyword research” advice on YouTube…

They might search YouTube using keywords such as “SEO keyword research dentists.” 

So, if you create a video dedicated to this topic, you’ll probably appear for these terms.

Plus, there might not be a lot of competition for niche content like this. So it might be easier for you to rank near the top when someone performs a targeted search like this. 

On the other hand…

If you just create a generic video on the topic of “keyword research” 

It might be harder for you to appear in the search listings.

After all, lots of people have already created videos on this topic, so you’ll have a lot of competition.

You could use something like Ahrefs, or the Google keyword tool

These tools will throw out tons of good ideas if you provide them with a keyword related to your niche. 

If you’d like some advice on how you can use these tools, you should check this other video I have.

This article covers all the basic things you need to know about keyword research, and how you can find good blog topic ideas using these tools. 

Anyhow, if you just want a quick, super simple approach here, that doesn’t require any tools…

You can just go to Google, and type in a keyword that’s related to your niche. 

You can then look at the “related searches,” and use one of them as a video topic. 

Another way you can come up with video topic ideas is by simply asking your clients. 

If you tell your clients you’re making a video about SEO, they might have some good topic suggestions. 

Any topics they suggest, are probably worth focusing on since the ideas are coming directly from your target audience!

YouTube Ads

So, as mentioned, you can also use YouTube Ads to get clients.

Now, creating YouTube Ads is kinda a whole video in, and of itself. 

However, there are a few tips we can cover here, that’ll help you achieve decent results. 

First, you wanna make sure your YouTube Ads grab people’s attention pretty quickly. 

One way you can do that is by quickly mentioning some of the specific results you’ve achieved for clients. 

For instance, if you’re creating an ad targeting dentists…

You might want to start the video by talking about some of the improvements you’ve delivered for a specific dental client of yours. 

So, you mention how you helped a client achieve a #1 ranking in a certain number of weeks, or months

Or, you could also talk about how a client experienced a specific % improvement in bookings, as a result of your work. 

If you mention this sort of stuff right at the start of the video, it shouldn’t be too hard to get the attention of your target audience. 

You also need to make sure you give people a CTA…

This CTA should explain how people can learn more and how they can contact you for a consultation, or something like that. 

Aside from actually creating your video ads, you also need to work out how you’re gonna target them. 

Again, targeting your videos on YouTube is a bit of a complicated topic… 

But, you don’t really wanna overcomplicate things here…  

Because you can often get great results, if you just target your ads so that they appear, on, (or next to), videos related to your niche…

Also, something to keep in mind here, is that you might wanna use these tips for another platform, which we’re gonna cover later in this article. 

I mean, let’s be honest, getting a notification about one of my new videos has to be one of the best notifications you can ever get on your phone, right? 

And, to be fair, I don’t think it’s dramatic to say that… Payment notification from a client? Yeah, that’s ok — YouTube notification about one of my videos — much better. 

Option #2 — Freelancing Sites

The next tactic I wanna cover is actually something that a lot of people are aware of and that’s the use of freelance sites. 

What’s interesting here, is that a lot of people think freelance sites only work if you’re gonna be doing projects as an “individual.”

While there’s some truth to that, I’ve actually found that this approach works well, even if you run an agency.

For example, here’s a shot of my profile on Upwork.com — 

Even though I have a full-fledged agency now, my profile still generates a lot of interest on the platform…

… Because of this, it actually serves as a good lead-gen tactic for my marketing firm. 

So, if you’re thinking about generating clients for your agency, you might wanna consider building up a profile on a site like Upwork.

If you do that, you’ll end up with a solid presence on the platform, and you’ll get a steady stream of projects you can feed into your company. 

Plus, a good thing about this approach is that it can help you get the clients/testimonials you need to boost up your own website. 

For example, I can use the testimonials I get on Upwork, on my own site…

… And if I wanted to…

I could even mention some of the case studies associated with this client work.

In fact, if you check out my site, you can see some examples of this:


The fact that I’m able to showcase this kind of stuff on my web pages, is one of the main reasons my site has been able to land me $5,000 per month clients. 

If I couldn’t put these testimonials/case studies on my site…

It’d be hard for me to convince people, outside of Upwork, that my agency is actually worth working with. 

By the way, now that I’ve just mentioned my agency, I just wanna say that if you’d like some help with SEO, you can book a free consultation call with me at juliangoldie.com

Option #3 — TikTok

Another option I wanna talk about here is TikTok.

Now, I know what you’re thinking —

Isn’t TikTok just for silly entertaining videos? 

Does SERIOUS SEO content really have a place on this platform?

Well… The important thing to remember is that TikTok has an absolutely massive user base. 

…And this means there’s probably a certain level of demand for the SEO content on the platform. 

After all, TikTok has hundreds of millions of users. Someone on that platform is probably looking for digital marketing content, right? 

Well, I think they definitely are, and there’s actually some evidence that this is the case. 

I mean check out this video –


It has been on TikTok for around 6 days, and this person has managed to get just over 14,000 views in that space of time. 

You see, the fact of the matter is this, if you can create good digital marketing content on TikTok, you should be able to do some decent numbers on this platform. 

At this point, you might be wondering what counts as good TikTok content

Well…On TikTok, “good content,” is basically short, punchy videos that get right to the point. 

So, you might pick one specific aspect of SEO, and you might then quickly cover a few key points, in a sort of “bullet-point” fashion.

You might also want to use some of the clever editing features on TikTok, to make your videos even more engaging. 

Of course, if you need some inspiration here, just check out some of the digital marketing videos that already exist on the platform. 

After watching a few of them, you should be able to understand the difference between good, and bad TikTok content. 

Also, I just wanna say that, in some ways, TikTok digital marketing content is still in its early stages compared to content on YouTube. 

As a result, there isn’t much competition, and so it might be easier for you to stand out, and build a presence on TikTok, rather than on YouTube. 

Oh yeah, I just wanna make a small request here — If you follow any channels on Tik Tok related to digital marketing, please link to them in the comments

It’d be interesting for us all to see what gets a lot of traction on the platform!

Should you use TikTok Ads?

As you might know, TikTok, like YouTube, has its own ad platform. 

TikTok ads definitely have the potential to deliver agency clients, but it’s hard to say how well this approach will work for you specifically.

Either way, If you’re feeling brave, you might wanna give this a shot, as it could definitely deliver some amazing results. 

After all, the platform is fairly new, so you could argue that CPCs are lower when compared to other ad networks. 

This could then mean you’re able to get great clients, without having to spend that much money. 

If you’re gonna create TikTok Ads, you might wanna adapt some of the tips we covered earlier, in relation to YouTube Ads. 

By the way, if you have any experience with TikTok Ads when it comes to promoting an agency…

…Or even just general tips on running TikTok Ads.


Hopefully, the tips we’ve covered here should land you some clients.

Julian Goldie

Julian Goldie

Hey, I'm Julian Goldie! I'm an SEO link builder and founder of Goldie Agency. My mission is to help website owners like you grow your business with SEO!


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