What Are The Most Powerful Backlinks?


Let’s get straight into it:

What are the most powerful backlinks?

Natural, editorially added backlinks are the most powerful to rank your website higher on Google.

Here’s why:

When a piece of content goes viral, it attracts a lot of links.

People link out to that article from their content, as a signal to say:

“Hey this article is really good – here’s the link to check it out!”

So when you emulate this process, your backlink profile looks better too.

What are the best backlinks to have?

You can’t go wrong with building backlinks within existing articles.

Simplicity is the key here:

Don’t get fooled by technical jargon or over complications.

If you’re building a business, you need simple SEO systems that scale.

So instead focus on 2 things:

1: Relevance: Is the article relevant to the page you’re linking to?

2: Authority: Is the site getting organic traffic and does it have a high Domain Rating?

If the answer is yes to both of these, you’re building powerful backlinks.

There’s just 1 more hoop to jump through:

Is your backlink dofollow?

What is a dofollow backlink?

A dofollow link funnels “link juice” to your website.

The opposite is a nofollow link:

This is a piece of script that tells Google not to follow that link/funnel authority to the site.

How do you check for a dofollow link?

Just and open the source code of the page with your link and check for the nofollow tag:

<a href=”https://www.examplewebsite.com/” rel=”nofollow”> Anchor Text .>

If the code has a nofollow tag, it’s nofollow.

If there’s no tag, it’s a dofollow link.

I create a video tutorial on this here:

What Backlinks Are NOT Powerful?

Blog comments. Forum comments. Business directories.


Well look:

If anyone can post build a backlink from that site, then it’s likely to be add zero power.

That’s because they’re not exclusive. They’re not authoritative.

Anyone can automate building these types of links with software like GSA.

And here’s the other issue:

These types of backlinks will be RINSED by spammy sites who can’t get backlinks anywhere else.

Just having a similar backlink profile to sites like this will hurt your rankings.

And that’s not all:

Google can easily detect if you’re building spammy links.

If your links don’t look natural or authoritative, Google will:

  • Crawl it.
  • Detect the spammy links.
  • …And either ignore – or worse, penalise your site’s traffic.

How do you build powerful backlinks?

Here’s how we build powerful backlinks to hundreds of sites at our agency:

Get links inside existing articles.

This looks natural. They’re editorially added.

And these backlinks therefore add power.

The goal is to build contextually relevant, authoritative backlinks.

Here’s how we do it in 4 simple steps:

  1. Look at similar articles already getting backlinks to your niche
  2. Create a list and prospect sites who linked to the articles in step 1
  3. Create a better piece of content than those articles in step 1
  4. Reach out to them via cold email asking for a link

Here’s my video explain on building powerful backlinks:

Building powerful backlinks is as easy as that.

Do this and you’ll get awesome results like these websites.

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