Backlinks Benefits: Reasons Why You Should Start Building Backlinks


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You might be wondering why your website isn’t ranking on Google. You might also be asking  how to outrank your competitors. Most of the time, you will find the answer from the backlinks you have on your site. 

In this article, you’ll discover the top nine benefits of link building and how to take advantage of each one.

Top 9 Benefits Of Link Building | 9 Reasons Why You NEED Backlinks

1 – It Drives More Organic Traffic To Your Website.

Let’s start with the obvious benefit of link building:

No links equals no organic traffic. 

If you’re trying to increase your rankings, then you need to remember that links are one of the most important factors.

In fact, 91% of the content on the internet never gets organic traffic because Google views the external links to the content of these websites as not being authoritative or credible enough. 

Therefore, link building is one of the most important ranking factors for your content and Google. 

2 – It Increases Your Website’s Authority. 

Google always looks for website authority, so if you want to rank your website, you need to demonstrate your credibility. 

A great place to start is to check  out websites that consistently rank high on Google and discover how they manage to get millions of backlinks.

While you probably aren’t aiming to get that many, when it comes to metrics like age or domain rating, it will still be about the number of backlinks you have on your site. 

Remember that the more backlinks there are, the higher your website’s authority and the easier it is to rank your content. In fact, Google has confirmed that the amount of links you have to your site is one of the top three ranking factors.

3 – It Helps Build Your Network.

To build links to your site you need to reach out to other webmasters. You’ll be waiting forever if you simply publish and pray for your website to start ranking.

What’s the best way to build backlinks and create your network?

In my personal opinion, the best strategy is to send cold emails. This isn’t about spamming webmasters with thousands of poorly written emails.

If you work on your approach, you’ll discover that you can quickly grow your network and build relationships with other influencers in your niche.

When you build a network of webmasters, you can reap the benefits of new opportunities, such as finding potential affiliates and partnerships.

You can also build an army of people who will link to your future content, land new clients and customers, and get feedback on your website and content. 

4 – It Captures Referral Traffic. 

If you land a backlink from a page that receives a lot of traffic, you will most likely gain some referral traffic too. But let’s be honest, one backlink isn’t going to make a huge difference. 

However, if you compound this over hundreds of links, you’d start to see a reasonable amount of referral traffic coming through. This means that you’re not only boosting your website’s ranking, but also increasing your referral traffic. 

5 – It Gets The Drop On Your Competitors. 

It is a brutal truth that Whitehat link building is hard and is only going to become more difficult. 

Generally, this is because webmasters are tired of seeing dozens of poorly written, spammy outreach emails landing in their inboxes every day.  Also, spam filters are very strict especially when it comes to cold emails.

In addition, a lot of blackhat link builders will pay for links which makes it harder for you to build links organically. And finally, it’s also a very time-consuming, complicated process if you don’t have a good system in place. 

These days, the majority of websites don’t know how to build links at scale without resulting to spammy techniques. In fact, over 55% of pages on the web have no backlinks pointing to them, so this is an easy way for you to get the drop on your competitors. 

6 – It Reaps The Rewards Of The Compound Effect. 

Link building requires time and patience, but in the long term you will continue to benefit from backlinks.

When you build links to your site, not only will you grow your website’s traffic and lift your rankings within a few months, but it will also make it easier to rank your future content too. And as this compounds over time, you’ll see a huge return of investment (ROI). 

7 – It Signals Your Website’s Credibility. 

We’re not just talking about how credibility impacts your rankings on Google. Did you know that 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations? 

Let’s say an influencer links your website’s guide and recommends it to their audience. Their audience already trusts them, and therefore they trust any recommendations that the influencer makes.

If their followers ever click through to your website’s page, they’re more likely to convert into sales since it is warm traffic by referral, rather than cold traffic to your website.

In addition, they’re more likely to take a look around your website, learn more about your products and services, and follow you and any future content you produce.

8 – It Grows Your Brand’s Visibility. 

It’s undeniable that branding is crucial. But it takes five to seven mentions to build brand awareness with your potential customers which is something you can easily achieve with multiple links. 

A lot of backlinks come from brand mentions. This happens when a website mentions your company’s brand and backlinks to it. Link building helps you to grow your brand’s visibility. 

9 – It Gains A Direct ROI On Your Sales.

Did you know that 2.5 quintillion bytes of content are created every day?

With that in mind, there’s a reason why so much content is used on a daily basis. More traffic equals more customers, sales, and revenue.

The easiest way to grow your website’s search engine traffic is the use of backlinks. This creates a direct return on investment for your business. And the more you invest into links, the more your business is going to grow. 


To summarise this article, the benefits of link building for your business should now be very clear. By driving more backlinks to your website, you will also bring a lot of advantages with you when it comes to your site’s traffic, ranking, and authority.

As great as this sounds, there is a bit of a catch. When it comes to links, you need to focus on quality as well. 

Building low-quality blackhat links isn’t just a step to the wrong direction, it could also lead to a Google penalty if you really mess it up.

So, it is important to always focus on building whitehat, authoritative links that you know will grow your website’s credibility.

Julian Goldie

Julian Goldie

Hey, I'm Julian Goldie! I'm an SEO link builder and founder of Goldie Agency. My mission is to help website owners like you grow your business with SEO!


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