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Let’s go over a tool known as And I’m gonna cover how we increased SEO traffic by 180% with Frase.

Like, there are definitely lots of SEO tools out there. And it’s fair to say that a good portion of them aren’t worth the money. 

However, as I said, Frase has actually produced some real results and it helped me improve SEO traffic by 180%. 

There aren’t many other tools that have helped me this much when it comes to SEO. 

Because of this, I’m pretty sure this tool is worth your time. 

Anyhow, this article is gonna cover what this tool is, and how it works. 

I will give you a quick crash course on how you can use this tool on your site. In section #3, I will also cover exactly how this tool helped me achieve results.

Let’s begin! 

What is Frase.IO

Ok, so to begin with, let’s actually cover what actually is. I mean the name doesn’t really give away much, right? is a tool that helps you optimize content so that it has a better chance of ranking on Google for a specific keyword. 

It’ll give you suggestions on the kinds of topics/phrases you should include when writing a blog post that is targeting a specific keyword. 

So, if you’re using this tool, the general workflow is as follows: 

You provide the tool with a keyword you’re looking to target

The tool will then work its magic, and give you some suggestions on how you should write your content so that it has a good chance of ranking for your chosen keyword. 


Don’t worry — In the next section we’re gonna go over a brief example here that explains how this all works.  

Then, once we’ve finished this next section, we’re gonna go over my site. 

How Frase.IO Works

Let’s imagine that I own a website about dogs, and I want to create a piece of content that ranks #1 for the keyword “how to stop a dog from barking.”

How exactly does Frase help me create optimized content based on this keyword? 

First, I just need to create a “document” within Frase, then I need to provide the keyword I want to target. 

Once I’ve done this, Frase will then provide me with the following screen.

If you look at the right-hand side, it gives me some metrics based on existing content that targets this keyword.

For example, I can see that on average, posts that target this keyword, are around 1,800 words long.  

If I scroll down this section on the right, Frase has created rough overviews of the top-ranking content for this keyword. 

So, I can see the headers these articles use…

 As well as word count, and ranking position data. 

This gives me a rough sense of how long my content should be and the kinds of things I need to cover.  

But that’s not the only way Frase can help me here. 

Frase has really only given us some general tips on how I should approach content based on a certain keyword. 

These are tips are nice, but if I want to secure a #1 ranking I’m gonna need more.  

Luckily, I can get some super-specific recommendations by using a few of the advanced features in Frase. 

I can find these features by going to the right-hand side of this Frase page. 

In this area, there’s a menu of options I can choose from. 

These options are essentially just different features that come with Frase. 

Now, these are all pretty cool…

But when it comes to creating SEO-optimized content… 

There are two key features here that make Frase a great investment, and an effective SEO tool. 

The first one is the “outlines” feature. 

So, as the name suggests, this feature will basically help me create an outline for my articles. 

It does this by listing the content that ranks for my chosen keyword. It also highlights the headers associated with each piece of content.

I can then just basically click on these headers, and create a rough outline for my content. 

It is helpful if I will create a long-form piece of content that touches on pretty much every relevant topic that’s associated with a certain keyword. 

Anyway, the other really cool feature here is the “optimize” one. 

If I click on it, I can see that Frase has collected a list of keywords that I should include in my post. 

It also provided suggestions on how often I should include these keywords. 

If I write, or even just paste my content into Frase, I’ll basically be able to see, in real-time… 

Whether my content includes any of these keywords, and if I’m hitting the quotas mentioned here. 

So, why is this so cool? 

Well, if my content includes these keywords, it will basically show Google that my article is thorough and highly relevant. 

This, of course, will make it a lot easier for me to achieve good rankings. 

Plus, if I’m building links to my content, the odds of its ranking will be much higher, if Google thinks that it’s the most relevant article on the topic in question.

Anyway, if I combine this feature with the suggested “outlines” feature I also described earlier…

It’s gonna be really easy for me to create a thorough, relevant article that’s worthy of a #1 ranking. 

How It Helped Me

I basically just went through the process I described above, and that was one of the main things that helped me achieve a 180% increase in traffic! 

So, I’d just identify keywords, 

…Provide these keywords to Frase, 

…And then write content so that it basically followed all the suggestions provided by Frase. 

There were a couple of other things I did alongside using Frase, to achieve good results.

Of course, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise… 

Well-optimized content is really only one of the things you need to focus on if you want to get results with SEO. 

If you don’t focus on a few key things, it will be difficult for you to get amazing results with Frase, no matter how much you manage to squeeze out of the tool. 

If you use these tips, you will be giving your Frase optimized content the best possible chance it has of achieving a #1 ranking. 

A Few Key Things You Need to Appreciate!

#1 — Pick the Right Keyword in the First Place

First, you need to make sure you actually pick the right keywords in the first place. 

If you’re trying to improve the amount of traffic to your site, it doesn’t matter how well optimized your content is…

…if you’re focusing on a keyword that has really low search volume. 

I actually have a video on this topic. Check this video out, you should be able to get your head around the basic concepts associated with keyword research.

  #2 — Publish Consistently

Sometimes, you might get lucky, and a post you’ve published may just start generating a ton of traffic straight away. 

Of course, this is definitely possible, but it’s kinda rare, and most people don’t really experience this. 

In fact, if you actually wanna see meaningful improvements in traffic, you generally need to publish content consistently. 

If you’re just publishing little bits of content here and there, you probably won’t achieve meaningful improvements in traffic any time soon. 

After all, one piece of content really only gives you so many opportunities to rank on Google. 

However, if you’re publishing lots of Frase optimized content, on a consistent basis, you’re making it easy for Google to rank your website for lots of different keywords. 

I mean you’re giving them lots of opportunities to do so!

This then makes it more likely that you’ll achieve strong improvements in traffic, fairly quickly. 

If you will make things easier on yourself here, you might think about creating a content calendar for your website. 

This content calendar should have a consistent publishing schedule, and do everything you can to stick to this plan. 

Now, if you don’t have the time to write lots of content, just think of hiring a writer that can help you out with this kinda thing. 

If you hire a writer, you might need to give them a little crash course on how Frase works. 

If you do this, make sure it’s optimized, and worthy of a high ranking. 

#3 — Don’t Ignore Links!

Finally, I just wanna say that you can’t forget about the links here. 

There are some people in the SEO community that say link-building isn’t very important, and you can get it by just pumping out lots of highly-optimized content. 

In some ways, you could argue that this is true… 

But in my experience… 

Highly-optimized content is really only gonna get you so far — especially if you’re going up against established sites.

One of the reasons my site experienced such a big increase in traffic is because I built some good links within the same time period. 

So, for example, I used the HARO method to secure links on websites like Yahoo finance. 


It was these kinds of links that actually showed Google I was an authority in my niche, and therefore worthy of a high ranking. 

After all, if you want to rank highly on Google, you need to have some authority, and the way you gain authority is by building links. 

Even if you have amazing content on your site, Google will trust you if your website doesn’t look as though it is an authority.

And, if Google doesn’t trust you, they’re not gonna give you a high ranking. 

Of course, now, you might be thinking if the Frase content actually had anything to do with my results!

Well… The answer is yes!

If I didn’t have any content on my site, Google wouldn’t really have anything to rank in the first place. 

The only reason I could rank highly against these websites is that my content was really well-optimized. 

I guess you could say that having well-optimized content is the thing that helped me squeeze the most out of my links. 

By the way, I actually specialize in link-building. Visit to book a free consultation call.


Okay, so that’s a quick overview of how Frase helped me achieve a 180% improvement in traffic. 

I really recommend you check out this tool, and try it out for a few months. 

Julian Goldie

Julian Goldie

Hey, I'm Julian Goldie! I'm an SEO link builder and founder of Goldie Agency. My mission is to help website owners like you grow your business with SEO!


Get free, instant access to our SEO video course, 120 SEO Tips, ChatGPT SEO Course, 999+ make money online ideas and get a 30 minute SEO consultation!

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